This is the first time for us to participate in iGEM. As a young team, although our current ability is limited, we still positively try to cooperate with other teams and carry out various exchanges and activities to propel both side of the teams better. As a new member of the iGEM family, we are committed to the spirit of collaboration advocated by iGEM. We cooperate with other teams in the following areas:

As a Beginner, Be a Learner.

    As the first time to participate in iGEM, we lack experience. In order to be more effective in preparing for the competition, we actively contacted with other excellent team, visited their school to ask how to prepare for iGEM. These teams include: Peking, HZAU-China, HUST-China, FAFU-CHINA, WHU-China (2015).

We took photos with Peking team for memorial after the visit.

     In addition, we also participated in the 2016CCiC (Central China iGEM Consortium), and exchanged ideas with the participants of the 30 other teams, receiving a lot of valuable experience and advice.

All the participants took a group photo after the closing ceremony

     In view of the overall design and experimental design of the project, we contacted with Jiang Huifeng, a researcher of Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Kang Peng, a Proffessor of Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry CAS. And we went to the laboratory to study the related mature theories and experimental techniques of Blue Leaf.

As a Beginner, Be a Communicator.

  As a sponsor and the main planner, we held an innovative activity, named "Talk with LanZhou, Talk about iGEM" to live online communication with Lanzhou team. Through the web platform, our team and our audiences whether on the spot or in front of a phone’s screen all could take part in the exchanges with LanZhou team and their audiences. Less an hour, our live video had already obtained more than 1,100 clicks. For details, please click:
In just one hour, we got 1100+ hits, 3,6000+upvote.

  As a collaborator of Peking team, We helped the Peking team better optimize their PowerPoint so as to improve the cohesion between each slide and promote the overall artistic effect in visual.
  We have actively participated in the network questionnaire surveys sponsored by other teams, including SYSU-China, FAFU-China and etc. In this process, we provided much reliable information and significant advice for their projects.
    The sufficient breadth and depth are main characteristics of our cooperation with other teams. Nevertheless, as a young team, in order to enhance our own strength and offer better help to our collaborators, we are supposed to continue learning the exceptional experience from other teams and then create our own unique glory.


     Talk with LanZhou, Talk about iGEM more

     Visit other iGEM teams more

     Visit scientific research institutions more

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