Our Team

Bingzhao Zhuo [Team Leader]

"Determined to be a biologist who is good at making aircraft!"

Xiapeng Xin [Art Design & PPT]

"The Gamer's Power of Point."

Yue Yang [Experiment]

"Reading makes me pleasant!"

Xin Yin [Experiment]

"My name is Xin Yin.It’s very glad to participate in iGEM!"

Chen Mao [Art Design & poster]

"An imaginative member who is enthuastic about the fine art as well as graphic design."

Ping Wu [Modeling & Experiment]

"Ping Wu, postgraduate student"

Jian Wu [Wiki]

"A student major on software engineering with love for literature."

Yuchao Mei [Experiment]

"Love Taylor,Love life!"

Zexun Wu [Experiment & Human practice]

"Swimming enthusiast enjoys every challenge!"

Zhen Long [wiki & human practice]

"Ice and fire coexist in an unrestrained and vigorous girl."

Yun Liu [wiki & human practice]

"Deliberate in counsel, prompt in action."

Qi Li [Experiment]

"A curious and enthusiastic boy."

Chenyuan Li [Art Design & wiki]

"1.5-meter tall aunt Li."

Xin HU [Wiki]

"Curiosity gives me power!"

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