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Our team has come to understand that iGEM is so much more than just a synthetic biology competition. Throughout our project, we have definitely encountered many difficult challenges that built us stronger, as university students, as members of our community, and as a team. Every single member was able to experience personal development through project management, community outreach, and scientific practice. So, we would like to thank the iGEM Foundation for the amazing and truly one-of-a-kind opportunity, and everyone else who took part in our journey of seven long months.

Dr. Kourosh Salehi-Ashtiani (Team Leader and Primary PI)

Thank you for educating, mentoring, and inspiring us from the start to finish of our project, leading our team to achieve great success and produce proud results.

Ibrahim Chehade and Joseph Koussa (Instructors)

Thank you for pushing us to go beyond our thinking, and for your great guidance both in and out of the lab. Thank you especially for believing in our efforts, and sharing the struggles and burdens throughout the entire journey.

Matthew Karau

Thank you for constantly opening our eyes to the complexity of working on a project, and for guiding us to consider its endless aspects. Your help with the prototype design and device making is also greatly appreciated.

David Scicchitano and Eve Johnston (NYUAD Science Department)

Thank you for funding this project and supporting us to represent the university in the iGEM Competition.

Center for Genomics and Systems Biology at NYUAD

Thank you for funding our project and giving our team a chance to shine at the iGEM Jamboree.

Integrated DNA Technologies

Thank you for providing us with materials to use for our project, supporting our team to work in bringing synthetic biology closer to the United Arab Emirates.

Julie Brookes and Katie Stanworth(NYUAD Division of Science and Math)

Thank you for your administrative support and assistance with registration, flights, and funding processes.

Jovan Jovacnevic and Shien Yang Lee (Advisors and iGEM 2015 Team NYU-AD)

Thank you for your constant advice based on previous experiences, and for your guidance throughout the dreadful ideation process.

iGEM 2016 Team Ain-Shams_Egypt

Thank you for joining us to collaborate in spreading awareness of iGEM and synthetic biology within the Middle East.

Nisala Saheed

Thank you for your assistance with the team's logo design.

Pranav Mehta

Thank you for your photography assistance.

Sibtain Ali

Thank you for helping with Wiki page development.

Victor Lindsay (NYUAD Office of Student Life)

Thank you for sharing our survey to the larger community.

The rest of the NYUAD community

Thank you for your love, good wishes, feedback, and support.

Thanks and acknowledgements to all other people involved in helping to make a successful iGEM team.