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Team Members

Veronika Li

Veronika is a sophomore from Uzbekistan studying Mechanical Engineering at NYUAD. When starting this project, she was only interested in the engineering aspect, but she eventually became very enthusiastic about the biology part as well. She was very excited to explore how the two disciplines interconnect and complement each other. She is also looking forward to delivering something new in this project.

Christine Dah-In Chung

Christine is a second year undergraduate from South Korea, pursuing a major in Computer Science and minors in Economics and Political Science at NYUAD. She decided to participate in the iGEM competition because it provided the perfect opportunity for her to learn new concepts outside of her own academic field. Stepping outside of her comfort zone, Christine had to face some difficult challenges, but her overall experience has been extremely rewarding and enjoyable so far.

Sannia Farrukh

Sannia is a sophomore from Lahore, Pakistan, pursuing a major in Biology. Her interest in the iGEM competition arose from her interest in synthetic biology. She wanted to gain experience in the practical aspect of the subject outside of the classroom. Although it was hard and new in the beginning, she found the entire journey extremely enriching and enjoyable.

Muhammad Osama Khan

Osama is a sophomore from Pakistan, pursuing a major in Electrical Engineering. With interests in engineering and synthetic biology, iGEM provided the perfect platform for him to merge the two areas together. The competition also allowed him to apply his skills from the chemistry lab in the realm of synthetic biology. Overall, he found the experience to be extremely rewarding, allowing him to discover new fields where his engineering and chemistry skills can be applied outside their traditional domains.

Alejandra Trejo Rodriguez

Alejandra is a sophomore from Mexico pursuing a major in Computer Science and a minor in Interactive Media. This is not her first experience with iGEM. She participated in the competition in high school and loved it so much that she decided to continue in university. Ale, as her friends call her, is very passionate about science and art, so she never misses the opportunity to mix the two of them together.

Muhammad Muneeb Afzal

Muneeb is a sophomore from Pakistan and is considering a major in Computer/Electrical Engineering. With a strong interest in Mathematics and the Sciences, he decided to join the iGEM team, which encapsulates the essence of interdisciplinary education. He is amazed by how synthetic biology naturally bridges the seemingly disparate fields of engineering, computer science, and biology.

Yousra El Hassan

Yousra is a sophomore from (North) Sudan who is currently majoring in Computer Science. She exists between many passions and interests and iGEM’s many facets fit perfectly into her love for all things multidisciplinary. She particularly enjoyed the ideation and research process as it introduced her to many topics and fields that she would otherwise have been unaware of. This project hits close to home as she’s seen the real damage that unregulated street vending can do.

May Baho

May is a sophomore deciding between a Biology and Physics major. Before iGEM, she never considered synthetic biology to be a distinct field, but she decided to join the team to explore it further. The most rewarding aspect of the project was seeing how scientific research, lab work, and engineering design all come together to create something applicable to the everyday lives of people.