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Kourosh Salehi-Ashtiani

Kourosh Salehi-Ashtiani received his Ph.D. from Northwestern University (Evanston, IL, USA) in Cell and Molecular Biology. He joined Prof. Jack Szostak’s group at Massachusetts General Hospital, where he studied catalytic RNAs for his postdoctoral work. Following completion of his postdoctoral work, he moved to Center for Cancer Systems Biology at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute as a Group Leader where he developed a number of high throughput platforms for exploration of the coding and metabolic potential of human and model organism genomes. Salehi-Ashtiani joined New York University Abu Dhabi in 2011 as an Associate Professor of Biology. His group aims to define the metabolic potential of eukaryotic genomes and use this information to identify strategies for improving bioproduct production in algal systems, as well as to remediate metabolic perturbations associated with human disease states.

Joseph Koussa

Joseph Koussa was a Lab Instructor at the Lebanese American University for three years, has done his masters in Molecular biology, and is currently teaching the Foundation of Sciences lab series at NYUAD. Previous research was focused on yeast genetics and proteomics mainly Candida albicans and is currently involved in protein biochemistry research at Dr. Wael Rabeh’s lab.

Ibrahim Chehade

Ibrahim Chehade completed his Masters of Science degree in Integrative Biology at Wilfrid Laurier University specializing in the field of Environmental Toxicology and Endocrinology. Joining NYUAD in 2012, he has served as an Assistant Laboratory Instructor for the Foundations of Science Labs and courses in the Experimental Discovery in the Natural World. Currently, Ibrahim serves as an Associate Instructor of Biology, continuing his contribution and commitment to NYUAD to help build the excellence that is the hallmark of this university.