Meet the 2016 RHIT iGEM Team


Dr. Rick Anthony.

Dr. Anthony is a founding member of the Biology & Biomedical Engineering Department at Rose-Hulman. He teaches cell and molecular biology, genetics, and genetic engineering. He has also developed a sequence of courses designed to introduce any Rose-Hulman undergraduate to synthetic biology. Dr. A. is a strong proponent of using synthetic biology and iGEM as mediums for interdisciplinary education of undergraduates. "Synthetic biology has the potential to address many of humanity's grand challenges. iGEM provides rich opportunities to foster creative and critical thinking skills, and the aptitude for innovation, interdisciplinary collaboration and team work necessary to realize the discipline's full potential".

Team Members:

Holly Cox

Holly Cox.

Holly Cox is as a cat obsessed junior chemistry major at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. She is interested in double majoring in biochemistry with molecular biology but has yet to finish the paperwork. Holly would like to either do forensics or drug design after graduating from Rose. Holly, when not in the lab, enjoys video games, cooking, and explosions.

Connor Holthouse

Connor Holthouse.

Connor is a junior studying Biochemistry at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. He intends to pursue an MD-PhD in Biochemistry upon graduating from Rose, so that he will be able to conduct clinical trials while practicing medicine. Connor was recruited to the iGEM team by Dr. Anthony during a biology class focusing on the microbiology of Eukaryotes. Since joining the team, he has assumed the role of chemist, making a majority of the solutions and plates needed in the lab.

Alexander Lacrampe

Xander Lacrampe.

Alexander Lacrampe is Biology major and Sophmore at Rose-Hulman Institute of technology. This is his first year as part of RHIT’s 2016 iGEM team. Originally from Seattle, Xander enjoys reading science fiction books, taking pictures, and having the genes he is trying to verify actually function properly. Outside of research, Xander is Vice-President of Unity and participates in facilitating the school’s Safe Zone program. He plans on attending graduate school and conducting research in either molecular biology and/or immunology. Xander is the student leader of the 2016 iGEM team.

Joseph Lee

Joe Lee.

Joseph Lee is a junior at Rose-Hulman, majoring in biology. He is in pre-med and loves the sciences. He is also part of Rose's chapter of Tri-Beta, the Biology Honor Society. On his free time, he reads, writes, and plays the guitar.

Justin Mader

Justin Mader.

Justin is sophomore biology student who plans to graduate with a degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Justin has always been fascinated with biological research starting during his senior year of high school. He was introduced to the iGEM team by the PI, Dr. Anthony, during a synthetic biology class. This is Justin’s first year on the iGEM team and so far he has assumed the role as secretary, being the point of contact for most of the summer. After graduating, Justin plans to go to graduate school to continue his passion for research.

William "Jake" McClure

Jake McClure.

Jake McClure is a sophomore at Rose, majoring in Biomathematics and Computational Science. Academically, he is currently interested in modeling biological systems. His hobbies include theatre, music, and reading.

Xingtong Xia

Xintong Xia.

Xintong Xia is a chemical engineering student who just graduated. In the past years, she learned discipline from her school, courage from her family, patience from lab work, confidence from video games, and compassion from her cat. Fully equipped with her skills and great passion in biochemistry, she devotes herself to exploring the power of genetic engineering and expanding its benefits to the public.


Dr. Irene Reizman and Dr. Dave Goulet