Team Attribution

The idea of this project was conceived by the team; advisors and instructors gave advice and suggestions on the implementation of this idea. All the data presented on this wiki were measured, collected, and analyzed by the team members. All the plasmids directly involved in the data presented on this wiki were constructed by the team members. The idea conceiving, content planning, execution, and result analysis of human practice were all done by the team members. The following is the detailed attribution.

Team Leader: Zhou Longyuan
Experiment Group:
    Project Design:
        Zhou Longyuan | Su Xiaojun | Huang Zhipei
        Chen Qinchang | Zhang Zhiqian | Yuan Meng
    Cell culture:
        Isolation of MSCs from homo sapiens and culture them
        293FT cells culture and transduction
        Huang Yinong | Zhou Longyuan
    Parts construction (in vitro):
        PCR, Gateway, transwell, western blot
        BBa_K1993001~ BBa_K1993035
        Wu Haoxiang | Zhou Longyuan | Su Xiaojun
    Animal (in vivo):
    Animal modeling, prognostic assessment and collaboration with Team ShanghaiTechChina_B
        IBD:Chen Qinchang | Yuan Meng
        DTH:Huang Zhipei | Zhang Zhiqian
        Submission to iGEM Registry:Zhang Zhiqian, Su Xiaojun

Human Practice Group:
    Education, Lectures, Interview, Product Propaganda, Annual Ceremony,
    Collaboration, Poll, Review, Meet-up with other iGEMers
    Li Tong | Li Qihao | Yuan Meng

Mathematics Modelling Group:
    Efficiency analysis, Modelling, Routine reconstruction
    Bai Yang | Lang Quanjun

Art Design and Web Design Group:
    Logo, Costume,Vedieo,Wiki, poster, Powerpoint
    Li Xin | Fang Xueyu | Huang Zhipei

Logistics Group:
    Coordination, Air ticket, Hotel booking, Visa, Follow up the project schedule,
    Contact with others, Financial management, etc.
    Zhou Longyuan | Li Qihao

First PI: Xiang Peng: gave advice and suggestions on our projects.
Secondary PI: Cai Junchao: gave advice and suggestions on our projects.
Instructor: Wang Jiancheng: gave advice and suggestions on our projects and skill training.
Sponsor: Xu Jianping & Cheung Kong Philanthropy Fund, Guangdong


Li Mengfeng
Gao Guoquan
Xiang Peng
Huang Cheng
Xu Jianping
Cai Junchao
Wang Jiancheng