HP for Gold

To make it a perfect project, HP devoteed to study and investigate different aspects closely related to our project including ethics, law and legislation, safety, product analysis, even summary of room for improvement by means of literature studying, interview, questionnaire, attending Cell Therapy Annual Meeting, etc. What makes it specific is that we have been improving our project with the ongoing of HP work. Our HP also had dialogues with high school students, college students and ordinary citizens.

Part1: Silver Medal Activity

Part2: Integrated Human Practices
Human Practices group has been one of the critical parts of the project since the project started. Unlike experiment group, Human Practices concerns more about bringing the experimental resulst to real life.

At the beginning of the project, HP tried to find out whether MSCs was really effective in clinical application. We interviewed patients and doctors in order to know their attitudes towards MSCs therapy. The results showed that MSCs do have effectiveness but limited, which means MSCs cannot replace the regular anti-inflammatory medicine but have advantages in combination with medication. In consideration of this situation, we put up an idea of enhancing the effectiveness of MSCs and then had a deeply talk with our PIs.

During mid phage of our project, we devoted ourselves to study and investigate other aspects connected to our project including ethics, law and regulation, safety, product analysis including intellectual property rights and so on by literature studying, interview and questionnaire, attending Cell Therapy Annual Meeting, etc.

Time flies. It is almost the end phage of the project this year, but we don't want to stop here. We can do more and better! We have done a lot of researches and had many activities during the project and we admit that there is such a large room for us to improve. We have no time to finish them in this year but we draw a discussion of Room for Improvement for the teams next year.

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