HP for Silver

During the project, HP devoted to study and investigate different aspects closely related to our project including ethics, law and legislation, safety, product analysis, even summary of room for improvement by means of literature studying, interview, questionnaire, attending Cell Therapy Annual Meeting etc. HP also had dialogue with high school students, college students and ordinary citizens.


This is a project about treatment, which will be used on human beings in the future. The ethic issues of our project contain three parts. Firstly, after we carried out an interview with doctors and patients, we found out there were some ethic issues between researchers and patients. Secondly, we searched information of animal welfare and learnt how to construct animal models because we would test our product on mice model. At last, we had a discussion on primate experiments. More

Law and Regulation

Law and legislation are the vital factors of our product – MSCs preparation. During the researches of clinical trials, we found that there was no MSCs drug in China although there exist about 10 MSCs drugs in the world. Law and Regulation is the breakthrough point. So laws of several different countries were analyzed to compare with that of China, aiming to find a proper way for development of MSCs therapy in China. More
To know how far our project would go, we asked the secretory of Stem Cell Clinical Research Experts Committee if Conditional Approval is possible in China. More


For general view, you can see our safety page to have an overview of our investigation and discussion on safety. Second, there were two aspects that HP did during the project. One was the investigation of lab safety awareness of college students. More
The other one was to make sure our product is safe for human, we had researched on Quality Control of MSCs. More

Product analysis

At the very beginning, we thought it was so far away for our product to bring to the market that it seemed unnecessary to do product analysis. A turning point appeared when we got to know Academician Wu’s research on a kind of MSCs drug, which encouraged us a lot and then we made a detailed product analysis including product contrastive analysis, cost analysis and intellectual property. More
Additionally, we interviewed the chairman of DAAN Gene Company to know the attitudes towards our product. More

Education & Sustainability

Most middle school students in China have rare chances to do biochemical experiments. All they can learn is only the theory. Students and teachers from a middle school were invited to attend an activity – “Have a Look at Your Genome”, which aimed at sharing some basic knowledge of synthetic biology and what we were doing with iGEM. More
To benefit more high school students, we wrote a guidebook on the three experiments for high school teachers so that any high school can carry out these experiments for students. More

MSCs therapy is one of the hot research fields in resent years. However, it is little-known by the public. We held a lecture to help medical students to have a further understanding of MSCs and made a brochure introducing to the public. More

Room for improvement

During the whole process of this project, for further understanding our project and MSCs, we have done a lot of Human Practices work, though it remains a pity that we have not done a great job in some aspects. This summary contains what we think we could do better during the project. More