Our Team

Zhou Longyuan
The team leader of SYSU-MEDICINE. Born in Guangdong. he is a complete foodie as well as sportsman, such as swimming, ping-pong, running, etc. Majoring in clinical medicine, he believes we save lives by studying them. With great enthusiasm and solidarity, we will reach where we want and achieve what we expect.
Yes, we can.
Huang Zhipei
A non-classical medico who majors in public health. Participate in the construction of animal model and art editing. Interested in designing, photographing and other interesting things.
Li Tong
One of the 'active moleculars' among Chinese medical students, interested in a lot of things like language learning, Kongfu, singing etc. She is good at cooking and eating delicious food. As She thinks cooking and medical surgery or experiment have much in common, she loves surgery as well and she prefers to be a surgeon rather than an internist.
Yuan Meng
A junior undergraduate student of Sun Yat-sen University, majoring in medicine. He was in charge of animal model building and part of work of Human Practice. Following the leadership of senior teammates, he learned a lot in iGEM about teamwork and the art in experiment, keeping much enthusiasm in synthetic biology, system biology and bioinformatics, especially within computer science and statistic algorithm.
Su Xiaojun
Nickname Xiaoyun, an undergraduate from Zhongshan school of medicine, Sun Yat-sen university. He was responsible for the construction of the parts and devices, also analyzing the experimental data. He is a funny guy and curious in any interesting things such as iGEM. He thinks everyone can be his mentor so he is ready to meet many many new friends!
Chen Qinchang
A junior undergraduate from Sun Yat-sen university, majoring in Clinical Medicine. He worked in the wet lab to deal with IBD mice model and took part in the activities in Human Practice. He cherished the wonderful moment when fighting with those members for the same goal. His dream is to play an important role as a surgeon.
Huang Yinong
An undergraduate from Zhongshan School of Medicine Sun Yat-sen University and majors in clinical medicine. She is keen on clinical care and treatment as well as the biological researches. She believes that cell therapy could be the future alternative treatment to disorders like autoimmune disease and cancer. She feels proud of herself for participation in this MSC-engineering program to facilitate more precise treatment in future.
Wu Haoxiang
An undergraduate from Zhongshan School of Medicine. He was responsible for construction of vectors and cell culture and transfection. With great enthusiasm in medicine, he dreams of becoming an outstanding surgeon.
Zhang Zhiqian
A junior undergraduate student from Zhongshan school of medicine, SYSU. He is a member of people in charge of both molecule experiments and animal experiments. He enjoys analyzing the problems and results of experiments with others. He wants to be a doctor and to do research at the same time after graduation. Exercising and food are his favorites.
Li Qihao
An undergraduate student of Sun-Yat Sen University, majors in clinical medicine,with great ethusiasm on medical science as well as social investigation.Be responsible for human practice in SYSU-MEDICINE, he always has lots of great ideas,which make the project more interesting. Though the progress of the competition is very tough,he feels proud and enjoys it.
Fang Xueyu
An undergraduate from Sun Yat-sen University, School of Data and Computer Science and Academy of Entrepreneurship. He majors in the software engineering and and Business Administration, he also learned a lot of design. In the competition, he was responsible for web design and wiki development.
Greetings and salutations to potential friends:)
Li Xin
An undergraduate from School of Communication and Design. She was responsible for all kinds of design including logo, Costume, Wiki style and elements, poster and powerpoint. Loving art and technology, she dreams of setting up a design studio.
LANG Quanjun
An undergraduate from San Yat-Sen University, majoring in mathematics. He was responsible for modeling, like data analyzing and experiment prediction. Though he is not majoring in synthetic biology, but he is rather excited to be in the team. He enjoys the wonderful moment fighting for the same goal with those lovely fellows. He is also the captain of the basketball team of department of mathematics.
Bai Yang
A senior from Sun Yat-sen university, China, who is responsible for the modeling section during this competition. As someone owns particular passion in statistical analysis, she has incredibly passion fighting for the same goal with beloved iGEM team and look forward to enjoying a memorable time in MIT:)
Greetings and salutations to potential friends:)