Team:Stanford-Brown/Part Collection

We have biobricked and characterized the temperature-dependent nature of a set of 13 chromoproteins with a cellulose binding domain and a set of 12 with a purification tag. The temperature-dependent nature of these chromoproteins causes them to lose or change their color, depending on the chromoprotein, at specific temperatures. These specific temperatures allowed for creation of a biologically based thermometer which loses its color at specific temperature. They can be used for the traditional chromoprotein tagging techniques or to explore future applications in biologically-based temperature sensing. These chromoproteins were studied both in cell culture and in the extracted form and were found to have different responses to heat when they were in air or sealed in PCR tubes. Some of the chromoproteins such as AE Blue and CupidPink were shown to change dramatically from one color to another at specific temperatures. In the case of AE Blue, this color change was shown to be reversible when the chromoprotein was allowed to return to room temperature.

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