Stanford-Brown 2016

TU Delft's Policy & Practices Research

This year, the 2016 TU Delft iGEM team began a research initiative focused on iGEM’s influence on science, education, and policy. To start, they developed a survey about the 2015 competition and asked other teams to report on their 2015 experiences as a contribution to their research. We gladly participated in this collaboration.

Collaboration with Team Exeter:
Contributing Podcasts

This year, Team Exeter came up with the great idea to produce a podcast series. In the series, entitled "Desert Island...Science?" Exeter students interview pioneering researchers whose work is relevant to synthetic biology. The series targets a wide audience, and it aims to inform and inspire those unfamiliar with synthetic biology. Our team independently decided to conduct video interviews with like figures, and we planned to post these interviews on YouTube. Ultimately, we decided to pool resources with Team Exeter and help them develop more material for their Soundcloud channel. We have converted our interviews into podcast format and are uploading them to Soundcloud. As a result, our interviews will reach a broader international audience, and the channel will represent international perspectives.
To listen to "Desert Island...Science?" podcasts, click here.