Team:TJUSLS China/Attributions



Molecular cloning & Protein expression:
Zhuozhi Chen,Dong Guoxiu,He Chunlin,Wang Xue,linrui Jiang,Cheng Yingying,Mu Zhongyu,Liu Manlin,Wang Haodong,Wang Shichao,Tong Shanwei,Hu Ruixing,Duan Yinkai,Yujia Hou,WANG AO. More detailed attribution about each part could be found in Team Parts.
Mu Zhongyu,Liu Manlin.
Duan Yinkai,linrui Jiang,Hu Ruixing.
Surface display in E.coli:
Wang Haodong,Wang Shichao,WANG AO,Dong Guoxiu,He Chunlin.
Surface display in Pichia pastoris:
Wang Xue,Tong Shanwei,Yujia Hou.
Co-display in Pichia pastoris:
Zhuozhi Chen,Cheng Yingying. Specially, Zhuozhi Chen took part in and took charge of all of them. All experiments unless specified are all designed and conducted by our team members independently. For those people who gave us precious advice and guidance, we express our great appreciation in Acknowledgment
Niu Meng,Bian Renzhou.
Human Practice:
linrui Jiang,Dong Guoxiu,He Chunlin. Specially, Dong Guoxiu took part in and took charge of all of them.
Li Sida,Yanjie Chen,Li Tong. Specially, Li Sida took charge of all of them.


Lab supports:
Our great thanks to Nankai University’s iGEM team for their selfless help on fluorescence microscope using. Our most sincere thanks to School of Life Sciences, Tianjin University. Our experimental space and materials are kindly provided by Haitao Yang and Zefang Wang’s lab. We appreciate every piece of suggestion and help for our experiments from the following people: our instructors Haitao Yang and Zefang Wang, Dr. Cheng Chen, Deping Wang, Fei Wang, Xiaoyun Yang, Wen Cui, Chen Wu,Bin Wang,Chen Liu,Ting Li,Chen Chen,Fenghua Wang,Han Zhou,Xiaoyun Yang and Hongliang Tian.
Idea and project suggestions:
Thanks to our instructor Zefang Wang who gave us much precious advice.
Human Practice:
Thanks to the sponsorship from Shanxi WeiQiDa Luminosity Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Fund supports:
Our project is mainly supported by School of Life Sciences and Tianjin University.