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Integrated Human Practice

Integrated Human Practices

We hold forums and have conversions with many professors major in biology, gaining the inspiration to create a mode called Training Protein. It is a stable way to improve the function of protein enzyme which can be used in most of fields. Moreover, according to the talking between our members and Environmental Protection Agency, we ensure that it is a good way to enhance the active of PETase which plays an essential role in PET degrading. So HP events give our project new ideas, we turn it into reality in wet lab, and then we feed it back to the society. In a word, our HP is integrated to our project.
Thanks to the forums with Profession Yang, we are inspired and create the Training Protein System which can be apply in all the protein enzyme in theory.
According to our result from lab, Training Protein System really does well in the transform of PETase. According to the dialogue with the staff working in Environmental Protection Agency, the modified PETase from Training Protein System has a brilliant future in environment protection. We are looking forward to see that this system will help more groups gain a enzyme with better function.

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