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TJUSLS_China for NKU_China

1. The White Crabapple Season Open Day
During the White Crabapple Season Open Day, we invited the Team Nankai_China to participate in our activities. We visit the campus of Tianjin University and our labs together, then have in-depth and friendly exchanges, laying a solid foundation for our future cooperation.
With blooming Begonia flowers, we wondered in campus and enjoy the sunshine. It is the first time we meet while we got on like a house on fire. It was the day of Tianjin University Open Day with amounts of interesting activities. With our commentate, our new friends refreshed their imagine about Tianjin University.

Then we went to our laboratory and have short communication about our labs, experiments and other issues about the preparation in the initial stage of iGEM. Both each other learned a lot.
In the above equation, Γ is the quality of PET enzyme adsorption by unit quality PET, g; Γmax is the maximum adsorption of PET enzyme by unit quality PET, g; Ka is the adsorption dissociation constant, mL/g; Ef is the concentration of free PET enzyme in the solution, g/mL.
2. About modeling
Here are some equations we write with NKU to model the uptake of exogenously added AI-2 by each plasmid in AI-2 Consumer Device pLsrACDBFGK interrelated to their project.
To ‘quench’ AI-2 signal in the nature or artificial environment, NKU_China constructed six AI-2 Consumer Devices by overexpression the components responsible for AI-2 uptake (lsrACDB), phosphorylation (lsrK) and degradation (lsrFG).
Matlab Simulations of AI-2 Consumer Devices were given for a better understanding of how the devices work when exogenously AI-2 was added.

Fig.1: Ordinary differential equations used to model the uptake of exogenously added AI-2 by each plasmid in AI-2 Consumer Device pLsrACDBFGK

Fig.2: Matlab Simulation of AI-2 Consumer Devices: pTrcHisB, pLsrACDBFG, pLsrACDBK, pLsrACDBFGK

3.We provided the two parts (Plate3 6C. BBA_I13602, Plate2 3K. BBa_K561000) to the Team Nankai_China when they lost their Distribution Kit.

NKU_China for TJUSLS_China

The Lotus Festival
The Team Nankai_China invited us to visit Nankai University during the Lotus Festival. Xianglin showed us the beautiful early summer scenery of Nankai campus as an employable guide.

After that, we did introductions of our projects at an exchange meeting with the attendance of two professors from Nankai University. Thanks to the exchange, we have broaden our experimental ideas and got a lot of pertinent suggestions from professors.

2. About fluorescent microscope
It is really touching that the captain offered to lend us their fluorescent microscope on his own initiative while ours has been broken. It helps a lot. All our team are appreciate about their kindness and enthusiasm.