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    We have promoted the efficiency of photothermal therapy by constructing plasmid HTert-P53 and Hsp70-P53-luceferase to mount the thermosensitivity of tumor cells.


    With the aid of luciferase, we can observe if the tumor cells had been heat treated in in vivo bioluminescence imaging machine with the injection of luciferase substance.


    Beyond that, accuracy is escalated as off-target effect is diminished. The superiorities will render our system a vigorous arm to help defeat breast cancer in clinical application for the rebirth of the suffering patients in the future.

Meet Our Team

ZHANG JiaweiCaptain
WANG WillDesigner
ZHU YumengManager
TANG YingluImplementer
ZHOU XingyuResearcher
ZHOU DanleiEvaluator
LYU TongResearcher
HU ZhangsenResearcher
WU HongguiIdea Seeker
ZHU YajieCoordinator
REN QianImplementer
XU ChenruiSpecialist