Team:Tongji Shanghai/Demonstrate Tongji Shanghai


Our project is our story.



    1. Optimized photothermal therapy for tumor, using genetically engineered machine to reach practical solution. The differentiation is observablein in-vivo experiment.
    2. Built part of hTERT promoter with GFP downstream, made convenience for users to examine whether a string of cell is telomerase-positive or not.
    3. Built part of hsp promoter with GFP downstream, enable users to know deep tissue temperature without surgery invasion.
    4. Raised a more powerful complex structure UCNP with a lower cost for photothermal therapy, analyzed the multifunction of this complex. UCNP is a transporting carrier for plasmid and active oxygen generator.
    5. Built a mathematical model to describe the medicine time-dependent concentration change trend. We Optimized this model for GNRs to forecast its desity-changing trend as reference to our research.

Outside the lab:

    1. Help setting research project for NYU-Shanghai.
    2. Provided IGEM overview to SJTU.
    3. Provided tet-on kit to Fudan university.
    4. Went to Shanghai science and technology museum, had popularization of science lecture for visitors.
    5. Hosting for students from Tongji middle school, explained the theme of synthetic biology. Give them early education oven genetically engineering.
    6. Organize Taiwan meet-ups trip and Taipei Workshop in NYMU. Take part in iGEM Asia Pacific Conference in NCKU and give a presentation of Team Tongji_Shanghai.

our future plan

    1. Continue the experiments of UCNP, try to provide a more practical way to optimize photothermal therapy.
    2. Making bigger quantity of data, marking the best interval of heating and resting, draw the chat of time interval and therapy effect.
    3. Go to hospitals and inquire specialists for more advice on applying, in the end make products on clinical level.