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Our members and staff

Meet our team

    The team of Tongji iGEM 2016, consisting of future scientists, doctors, an engineer, and an applied mathematician, has become a professional and passionate team over the past six months.

    On this page, you can find the information about everybody who has contributed to the project. We would like to express our special gratitude to our instructors for their continuous support and encouragement. Furthermore, we would like to acknowledge our sponsors and all the others who provided valuable advices and essential materials to us. The following is our amazing team.


ZHANG JiaweiCaptain

Team leader. In charge of kit building, human practice and collaboration.

    A man who set his track to be a biology researcher, not traditional but more creative and suits to the market.A man who dreamed of building the iron man suit, not for war purpose, but to strengthen human body, even enable those unable. A man who does not be restricted by knowledge, trying to apply what he learned to make his body fit, his family healthy, his skin more smooth.
    A man who desire to be more than a student in his 20s, who shoots commercials, does modeling before camera, and acting in TVs. A man who dares do all that may become a man, who dares more is none.

Wang HongningDesigner

Editor of wiki pages. Builder of mathematical models.

    As one iGEMer, always dreaming, always imagining, but also always exploring!
    As one iGEMer, I believe Life Science owns deep philosophy inside and synthetic biology can transform our scientific research into actual application for human social development.
    I regard Coding as a modern interaction method between us and Nature.
    We can do so many impressive work using this beautiful language, so that you can see our wiki pages here.
    As one iGEMer, meanwhile, we are researchers, we are artists, we are explorers!

ZHU YumengManager

Person in charge of logistics and linkman of the institute.

    For me, majoring in biology is an amazing journey more than an unexpected coincidence.
    Participating in iGEM is a fantastic experience more than a changeable competition.
    It’s an unbelievable story more than an exhausting task to solve the problems during the process with my buddies, introduce iGEM and our projects to middle school students, make plan for our traveling and so on.
    It’s iGEM that makes my campus more colorful.

TANG YingluImplementer

Person in charge of cell experiment part.

    A sophomore in Tongji University who is majoring in Life science.
    Love dancing in the rain and crying in the sunshine.
    Love snow, flowers, and all the ordinary things is the unique existence to me.
    Compassionate, imaginative, outgoing and responsible.
    Continually try things that are not easy.
    Hope to be a person who is always smiling no matter what happens.
    Hoping every time you see me, I can bring some happy and sunshine to you.

ZHOU XingyuResearcher

Leader of all experiments.

    A man who likes life science and has a desire for researching. A student who is willing to learn and do the experiments, and still trying to improve himself not only in studying.
    A member of an efficient team who dares to overcome difficulties and gets things done timely.

ZHOU DanleiEvaluator

Person in charge of mouse experiment part.

    I am a junior student major in biotechnology who has produced strong interest on this major and also an extraverted girl who is fond of travelling, running and associating.
    Coming up various ideas with magic innovation and high efficiency is the most thing I willing to do in the team work.
    Dog is my favorite and I value all the animals in the experiments sincerely.

LYU TongResearcher

Part member of mouse experiment, part member of kit building.

    I am Lyu Tong from Tongji University. I am bright and optimistic, facing with difficulties bravely. I am persistent and patient, pursing my goals actively.
    My major is biotechnology and I love it from deep inside. I am eager to come up with and learn new ideas. Thanks for iGEM creating a wonderful stage for me.
    I believe iGEM is a valuable bond for you and me where we can make good friends. I will fight with our team and spare no effort. Come down to our dream and come down with a smile.

HU ZhangsenResearcher

Person in charge of material building part.

    A junior student major in life science.
    Love life and try to find the mystery of life.
    Wander on the way to explain why we are growing, aging, and go dead.
    Be proud to be a member of iGEM this year.
    Design and operate experiment well.

WU HongguiIdea Seeker

Part member of material building, part member of cell experiment.

    Team activator.
    A sophomore in Tongji University whose major is life science.
    Like challenges.
    Have worked for caspase signaling pathway in a genetics lab since freshman year.
    A movie lover.
    A perceptual and sensitive man.
    Have two adorable axolotls.

ZHU YajieCoordinator

Part member of material building, part member of cell experiment.

    A sophomore from School of Life Science and Technology, Tongji University.
    The coordinator of the experiments.
    Possess a brave heart as well as a bright brain filled of fantastic ideas.
    Seeking the gratification from the sense of immersion in experiments and feeling ecstatic when the effort pays. Be strict to myself and rigorous to my tasks.
    Believe in “Knowledge Could Change One’s Fate”.
    A half-reasonable half-emotional girl who loves travelling and literature besides nature science.

REN QianImplementer

Person in charge of kit building (HSP) and kit submitting part.

    I am a sophomore at Tongji University, China.
    Majoring in life science, I enjoy exploring undiscovered scientific problem, doing experiments and analyzing the results.
    I am curious about how life works and surprised at its self-regulation.
    Science arms my brain, novels that I like reading warms my heart.

XU ChenruiSpecialist

Artist of wiki and poster.

    A man who is always curious about new things.
    Major in biotechnology but also is proficient at computer skills.
    So glad to be iGEMer and participate in the project which can change the world.
    Stay hungry stay foolish.


In charge of sponsorship, participate in public relation

    As a bioer,I deeply trust that biotechnology will have a good future,and that’s what I learned after 4 years research on it;
    As a person in charge,I absolutely will and always will do what I think it’s right,and that’s my experience after been the monitor in the student union in Tongji University;As a participator,I really know how difficult to make your goal to be come true ,and that’s why we are here today;As a iGEMer,I genuinely want to say,that’s an amazing competition,and we are going to be amazing here! So glad to be iGEMer and participate in the project which can change the world.
    Stay hungry stay foolish.


ZHANG ChaoInstructor

Prof. ZHANG Chao

    I am Chao Zhang, professor of life and science institute in Tongji University. I am the first PI of team Tongji_Shanghai.

    During the process of lab work, I mentor them for basic lab instructions, lab safety, and teach them basic skills. It’s quite a pleasure to see them improve, overcome and achieve. Regardless of the result, I am proud of how far they had reach.Synthetic biology is the tool to the future, i hope this competition can help better understand the theme of synthetic biology, more importantly expand their horizon.

LI WeidaInstructor

Prof. LI Weida

    I am professor Weida Li. I am responsible for trails building. I have meetings with Team Tongji_Shanghai members, sometimes they don’t know how to analysis the results or in the dark of what to do. I do not take part into their experiments, but served as a navigator. I do hope that after all this, they can have a better picture of how to design an experiment and how to move on, which will be critical to not only their projects, but also their lives.

LE RongrongInstructor

DR. LE Rongrong

    I am Rongrong Le, Second PI of Tongji-Shanghai. For 9 months, I have tutored team members how to do experiments, and assistant prof.Chao Zhang to keep an eye on them. During the group meetings, we shared ideas with each other, some of their thought also influenced my idea. We really have a good time !

JIA WenwenInstructor

DR. JIA Wenwen

    Hi, I'm Wenwen Jia, instructor of team Tongji-Shanghai. During the project, I tutored my students how to build the plasmid of Htert+P53, and I provided them cells of HTert negative. In other time, I took part in experiment design and result analysis. I sincerely hope that my students get a good ending.

HAO MengInstructor

HAO Meng

    Hey guys, this is Heidi saying hi from Shanghai. It's really a huge honor and pleasure for me to join the iGEM this year. Currently I work as an international program coordinator of School of Life Sciences and Technology, Tongji University and I will be the guiding teacher of the 2015 iGEM representative team of Tongji University.

    I have strong confidence in all of them that they would make a great difference here on their debut, with their extraordinary courage and dedication. While what really matters to us is nothing but the precious experience where we can see the world and gain growth. Can't wait to meet you all in Boston! Cheers!


CHEN Xinhong, FENG Yu

    2015 Tongji iGEMer

      Hello, we are Xinhong Chen and Yu Feng, members of team Tongji 2015. One year ago, we brought gold medals to school, which was a treasured memory.

      Today, it will be turns of my younger brothers and sisters, we believe that I should be responsible for helping them. In the early days of this team, we help them to build the team, and introduced the concept of genetically engineering. Not until they had set their own project and carried on did we set them free and let them to explore. Right now, we are in MIT for graduation design. It feels fascinating to return to MIT after a year, and we will meet team Tongji 2016 to witness their success!

WU Yiyun

    Art Consultant

      Hello!I'm Yiyun Wu,majored in Electrical Engineering and Automation.It's a really significative chance for me to have a touch with different academic realm in this time.

      I'm interested in drawing and It's excellent for me to expound my ideas by drawing manga and other works in my spare time.So,It's my pleasure to offer some help to the team for the picture designing. And in the mean time,it's also meaningful for me to have a contact with the competition and learn something new from the team.