General guidance

This year we would like to thank the general guidance we received from Prof. Dai Junbiao,
Prof. Chen Guoqiang and Prof Sun Zhirong. They have patiently supervised our project
throughout the entire year and provided insightful advices on how to design a novel yet feasible
project, how to troubleshoot experimental setbacks and circumvent technical difficulties, and how
to deliver a clear presentation, to name but a few. Without their help we could not have made
achievements to such degree.

Lab space

Prof. Dai’s laboratory provided a welcoming environment for our team to think creatively
and carry out experiments freely. We have essentially all the access to any lab equipment and
reagents that are indispensable for our project. We are also very grateful to all lab members from
Dai Lab, for helping us to troubleshoot the project and tolerate our constant occupancy of the lab
space. Dai lab provides experimental facilities that are essential for the molecular cloning and
general bacteria- and yeasts-related experiments, such as yeast transformation and culture.

Material and facility support

We would like to thank Prof. Gao for lending us the micropulser for yeast electroporation,
and an epifluorescence microscopy for yeast-related imaging experiments. We would like to thank
senior members from Prof. Chen’s lab for showing us how to perform yeast electroporation
and lending the micropulser for yeast electroporation.


Financial support

We would like to thank our department School of Life Sciences and the Tsinghua Xuetang Life
Sciences Program for their constant support, including providing funding necessitating wet
experiments and covering for flight tickets and costs for accommodation. Students from the Xuetang Program
proposed brilliant ideas that can help improve the feasibility of our project. We are also grateful to
Novozyme for generously providing us a grant worth approximately 30,000 RMB.
Wuxi Qinglan Biotech has also been enerously synthesizing several key constructs encoding thymine
kinase and C2c2.

We are also grateful to multiple plasmids synthesized by IDT Inc, a service provider that has greatly
helped us and proceeded our progress smoothly.

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