Medal checklist


Register and attend

We have registered for iGEM, enjoyed a great summer, and will attend the Giant Jamboree.


We have created a Team Wiki and submitted the judging form as well as the safety form. We will
present a poster and a talk at the Giant Jamboree.


We have our Attribution page

Part / Contribution

We have documented two new standard BioBrick Parts (BBa_K1923001 containing a Class 2 type VI-A CRISPR-Cas effector C2c2, and BBa_K1923002 containing reverse transcriptase, respectively) central to our project and submit these parts to the iGEM Registry.


Validated Part / Validated Contribution

We have validated four BioBrick Parts (BBa_K1923005 containing a thymidine kinase, BBa_K1923006 containing a NLS-FLAG-EGFP-dCas9-NLS fusion protein, BBa_K1923007 containing a GAL4BD-NLS-FLAG-EGFP-dCas9-NLS-GAL4AD, and BBa_K1923008 containing an sgRNA expressing plasmid). We already submitted these new parts to the iGEM Parts Registry.


We have helped two registered iGEM teams from a high-school team (SDSZ_China) and an undergraduate team (Tsinghua_A). Please refer to the Collaboration page to see more details.

Human Practices

Our human practices page is here. We’ve engaged with the public, attended an Asian conference, and met with the community.


Integrated Human Practices

We’ve integrated the following feedback from the Tsinghua Xuetang Program into our program, including the modification of our quantification model, the addition of safety control termination in our design, and the consideration of bioethics issue. The Wiki page documenting integrated human practices can be found here.

Improve a previous part or project

This year we've characterized and improved several parts, including the following three: BBa_K1323002, BBa_K1493504, BBa_K1470002. Please refer to our description page and their Registry page for detailed documentation.

Proof of concept

We proved our basic design by suvCas9 transfer from nucleus to cytoplasm. Please refer to the Proof of concept page documenting figures and legends.

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