Parts summary

We have submitted in total 6 parts, of which 2 are categarized as basic and 4 composite. Further
information can be found in subpages.

Basic Parts


Class 2 type VI-A CRISPR-Cas effector C2c2 is a programmable RNA-guide RNase.In-vitro biochemical analysis
show that C2c2 is guided by a single crRNA and can be programmed to cleave ssRNA targets carrying
somplementary protospacers. In bacteria, C2c2 can be programmed to knock down specific mRNAs.
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This composite part is a fusion protein composed of GAL4, triple FLAG tag, two sv40 nuclear localization
sequence, dCas9 and GFP. Triple FLAG tag and GFP is designed for observation and expression detection. The
protein produced by this parts can be sequestered in the cytoplasm with the help of sgRNA and PAMmer,
utilizing dCas9's mRNA binding ability. However, when there is a mutation in the target sequence of the
mRNA, SV40 NLS would drag this protein into the nuclear. Then GAL4 would active the gene downstream UAS
promoter. Thus this part can be used for gene mutation surveillance.
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