team members

We are family

Mao Tianyang Huang Yiming
A naive lymphocyte. Known for playful witty jokes
My fingernail cannot taste better.and peculiar infectious accent.

Wu Bohou Zou Xinzhi
Good at puppy eyes, Yeast master and rhythm controller
and the truth is the opposite.

Lu Yao Jia Zeran
Enthusiastic theatre-goer.Live as I will die today,
Easily poisoned by intelligence.and dream as I will live forever

Jin Qiao Ge Chenghao
Twinkle twinkle little starThe brightest star in the sky

Zhao Yiqing Xiao Yangbo
Expert at Photoshop and volleyball.An apple a day,
Now fighting with Halomonaskeeps the doctor away

Cui Xiaoyue Yang Sichen
Tanky support No true fiasco ever began
as a quest for mere adequacy

Luo Mingjie Yan Jun
Bad luck loves me but never giving up Never hesitate to day dream

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