What we did

Mao Tianyang is the leader of Team Tsinghua in 2016. His primary responsibilities include recruiting
the team, leading the design of the project, fundraising for project expenditure, and coordinating
between instructors and team members. He will be presenting the project at the Giant Jamboree.

Huang Yiming is the vice leader of Team Tsinghua in 2016. He was in charge of establishing the
framework of our Wiki page, constructing a crucial dCas9 expression plasmid for the following targeting
test and building quantitative models to optimize wet works.

Wu Bohou is a molecular cloning master in the team, and the vice leader of Team Tsinghua
in 2016. He conceived the blueprint of gene surveillance system, initiated the in vivo proof-of-concept
experiment as well as the following yeast experiments and constructed a majority of BioBricks.

Zou Xinzhi contributed to the initial design of the suicide system. She is the master of yeast
in the group and conducted most of the yeast related experiments. She also delivered several
work update reports to our supervisors. She will be presenting the project at the Giant Jamboree.

Jin Qiao built quantitative models to achieve dose optimization and precise regulation of
dCas9 expression,constructed key plasmids for the proof-of-concept experiment, and presented our
project at the 4th iGEM conference at Taiwan.

Lu Yao is a supportive coordinator throughout the summer. She contributed to the suicidal
system and the dCas9 expression plasmid, engaged actively with the public including hosting a workshop
and interacting with the Tsinghua Xuetang Program, and will be presenting at the Giant Jamboree.

Ge Chenghao has been consistently contributing tremendously to in vitro experiments, including
sgRNA transcription and protein purification, participated in the proof-of-concept experiment and
presented our project at the 4th iGEM conference at Taiwan.

Yan Jun is a relatively independent member. He initiated dCas9 protein expression and purification,
as well as the following in vitro binding experiments, where he proposed and carried out a
fluorescence-labeling method as a practical alternative to isotope labeling of sgRNA.

Jia Zeran has been devoted to plasmid construction and in vivo imaging experiments in yeasts,
including yeast electroporation and generated an important figure for the final presentation. He
will also be presenting the poster at the Giant Jamboree this year.

Luo Mingjie was in charge of the Taiwan conference communication this summer and delivered a nice
presentation. He also contributed to the construction of the suicidal system, and helped with
documenting experimental notes onto our Wiki.

Yang Sichen is an excellent photographer and movie maker. He generated all profiles of the
team and helped produce the video which explains nicely the working mechanism of our project
and its potentially far-fetching implication.

Zhao Yiqing is a fantastic designer. She designed most of the artwork used in our Wiki page,
as well as in the presentation and on the poster. Beyond her major duties, she also actively
took part in in vivo testing experiments, such as yeast electroporation.

Xiao Yangbo assisted in the construction of the suicidal system, specifically she constructed
a thymine kinase-expressing plasmid for following in vivo testing. In addition to wet experimental
duties, she also created the illustration for the working mechanism of our project, and
she participated actively in the production of a short video.

Cui Xiaoyue Cui Xiaoyue is one of the two principal web devolopers of the team. She also
took major part in uploading wiki contents online.

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