All members of the 2015-2016 UCLA iGEM contributed to project conceptualization, design, and execution. For each group listed below, team members listed were involved in the complete design and execution of the respective project or aspect.

Protein Cages: Nithin Dharmaraj, Scott Taylor, Yashes Srinivasan, Andy Liu

Super Soldier Systems: Omar Ebrahim, Amy Guo, Alan Chen, Amy Pai, Jared Lamar

Interlab Study: Megan Satyadi

Human Practices: Megan Satyadi, Omar Ebrahim, Scott Taylor, Alan Chen, Nithin Dharmaraj, Amy Pai, Andy Liu

Collaborations: Megan Satyadi and Fasih Ahsan

Wiki Design and Development: Megan Satyadi and Levi Vogel*

Jamboree Poster Development: All members

Jamboree Presentation Development: All members



Dr. Sriram Kosuri: We would like to extend a special thanks to Dr. Kosuri for being our main advisor. He has provided an invaluable service to our team by supporting us in every endeavor of our project and group, from financial support to project advising, to providing us a lab space and helping with logistical aspects of running the team.
Megan Satyadi: We would like to thank Megan Satyadi, an undergraduate advisor for the UCLA iGEM Team, for her general project advising and performance of administrative and logistical tasks for our team.
Fasih Ahsan: We would like to thank Fasih Ahsan, a UCLA iGEM alumni, for his invaluable project advising and help with our Jamboree Presentation development.
Phillip Nguyen: We would like to thank Phillip Nguyen, a UCLA iGME alumni, for helping to lay the groundwork for this year's protein cage project.
David Yao: We would like to thank David Yao, the UCLA iGEM founder and alumni, for his general advice and inspiration over the year.

Protein Cages:
Dr. Todd Yeates (UCLA): We would like to extend a special thanks to Dr. Yeates for his invaluable assistance with the Protein Cages project over the past year. Dr. Yeates' lab supplied us with the wildtype PC Quad protein cage, which was essential to our project. Additionally, we thank him for his general support in project design and experimentation.
Dr. Neil King (University of Washington): We would also like to extend a special thanks to Dr. King for his assistance with the Protein Cages project. Dr. King supplied us with ur second wildtype protein cage, O3-33 (Baker Lab), which was also essential to our project. Additionally, we thank him for his general support in designing our cage mutants.

Super Soldier Systems (CDI):

Dr. Christopher Hayes (UCSB): We would like to extend a special thanks for Dr. Hayes and his lab for their invaluable support over the season. Dr. Hayes supplied us with a number of different CDI systems from various strains as well as several bacterial that served as the building blocks for our project. We also want to thank him for all his advice and support pertaining to project design and troubleshooting.

*Wiki Design and Development

We would like to extend a special thanks to Levi Vogel (UCLA, Computer Science, Class of 2018) for his invaluable assistance and time dedicated to developing our team's wiki.

Financial Support:

UCLA Department of Bioengineering, HSSEAS
UCLA Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry UCLA Molecular Biology Institute
UCLA DOE Institute
Kosuri Lab
Integrated DNA Technologies UCLA Undergraduate Research Center

Lab Space and Materials:

Dr. Sriram Kosuri
Dr. Mark Arbing (UCLA Protein Expression Core Technology Center)
Dr. Dino DiCarlo and Dr. Stephanie Seidlits