Meet the Team

Megan Satyadi | Junior | Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics
I am a junior in MIMG and am returning for a third year as a research advisor and Director of Training. Additionally, I am also an undergraduate research associate in the Kosuri Lab at UCLA studying GPCR-ligand interactions and developing a multiplex assay to deorphanize the entirety of the human and mouse olfactory receptor repertoire. I believe synthetic biology holds infinite power and potential to revolutionize science, and is the perfect outlet for innovative scientific minds. Long term, I plan on pursuing a MD and entering the field of gastroenterological surgery. When I'm not stuck working in a TC hood, I'm an avid reader and enjoy working with animals.

Alan Chen | Junior | Neuroscience
​I am a junior undergraduate just joining iGEM this year and am currently majoring in Neuroscience at UCLA. I have always been interested in synthetic biology and find it fascinating to reprogram existing biological systems. Currently I am working with a group to create a bacterial toxin delivery system.

Amy Guo | Sophomore | Bioengineering
I am currently a sophomore bioengineering student. My interests include botany, particularly plant-herbivore interactions and plant-to-plant communication pathways, and diatoms. Synthetic biology I feel is best described as a pair of much-needed, high-prescription glasses-- your perception of the world around you becomes wonderfully magnified and crisp, and suddenly you are able to view the mechanics of living organisms as an infinite library of blueprints at your disposal.

Omar Ebrahim | Sophomore | Biochemistry
Innovation has never been the product of book smarts alone. For an idea to bear fruit, I believe one has to tinker with it. Unfortunately, much of a biologist's education consists of almost exclusively memorization and recitation of facts. However, synthetic biology is somewhat of an anomaly because it embodies the practice of picking something apart and manipulating it's core components as its standard methodology. I guess that's why I am here.

Andrew Liu | Junior | Biochemistry
I am a 3rd year biochemistry major here at UCLA, and it is my first year on the iGEM team. I love everything science and so the interdisciplinary and undergraduate guided research in iGEM is an incredibly enjoyable experience for me!

Scott Taylor | Junior | Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics
As a junior in the MIMG Department (for now), I’m am a new addition to the iGEM team. My previous lab experience has been working on data analysis and correlation of production of certain yeast metabolites. In the coming year, I am eager to explore synthetic biology, which I sees as a very open frontier for interesting, novel ideas to be explored. As for my long term goals, it’s all up in the air.

Amy Pai | Sophomore | Neuroscience
Initially, I was pleasantly surprised that there would be a research team genuinely valuing input from first-years like me. UCLA iGEM not only offers the platform for individual voice in developing a project, but also opens the door to many aspects of research dynamics. Syn bio wields massive potentials for creative minds, and it’s remarkable that we get to explore the field this way.

Nithin Dharmaraj | Junior | Bioengineering
I am a junior study bioengineering. I enjoy the creativity and autonomy that iGEM provides and also cherish the opportunity to work with some of the brightest minds at my university. Though most of my transformations rarely work, I still marvel at the power of synthetic biology when in the off chance I do see colonies on my plate. With this same excitement, I hope to pursue a profession in advancing the field of healthcare in the future.

Yashes Srinivasan | Sophomore | Bioengineering
Passionate about science and innovation, I am excited to be part of UCLA iGEM. The program offers more than just a research experience. It encourages independence and creativity and allows students to explore unique interests alongside a dynamic and driven group of individuals. The interdisciplinary nature of synthetic biology provides several opportunities as well as exposure to many different fields of science.

Jared Lamar | Junior | Physics
​I am a junior undergraduate majoring in Physics at UCLA. This is my second year on the team. What I'm most drawn to about iGEM and synthetic biology is the sheer number of possibilities there are in terms of the directions our research can take. It really feels like the sky is the limit as to what we can make these little microbes do.