All UCLA iGEM members are mandated to comply with all UCLA Lab Safety Regulations, and received safety training from the university in the following areas:

  • Laboratory Safety Fundamentals
  • Blood Borne Pathogens
  • Medical Waste Management
  • Biosafety Level 2 Training

Site-Specific Training & Lab Space

All UCLA iGEM members receive site-specific training before working in any lab space. Members are informed of all emergency procedures and engineering and administrative controls. They also receive all information pertaining to safety hazards and precautions specific to the lab space, and must familiarize themselves with all SOPs.

The UCLA iGEM team is in compliance with all university, state, and federal regulations concerning biohazard waste and chemical labeling; our lab space is regularly maintained and evaluated.

Personal Protective Equipment

The UCLA iGEM team is committed to minimizing all risks at the level of PPE. All members are required to wear close-toed shoes, long pants, gloves, and a lab coat when performing any experiments in the lab. When appropriate, members are also required to wear goggles and any other protective equipment.

Safe Project Design

Our project involved little to no risks as the proteins we chose to expressed are not harmful nor dangerous for humans, animals, and plants. Additionally, we express all of our parts in a non-pathogenic chassis, eliminating any microbial risk to our members and environment.