Team:UCLA/Part Collection

Best Parts Collection

Our parts collection features a small library of synthetic protein cages PC Quad 3.0 (obtained from the Yeates Lab) and O3-33 (obtained from the Baker Lab) and their various mutants. These mutants contain insertion mutations that produce a thrombin cleavage site on the exterior of the cage. In the presence of thrombin protease, these mutants are cleaved at the thrombin cleavage site, inducing disassembly of the cage and theoretically releasing an encapsulated molecule.

Name Type Description Length
BBa_K2068000 Generator PCQuad 3.0 Wildtype 1368
BBa_K2068001 Generator PCQuad 3.0 Mutant 1 1389
BBa_K2068002 Generator PCQuad 3.0 Mutant 2 1389
BBa_K2068003 Generator PCQuad 3.0 Mutant 4 1389
BBa_K2068004 Generator PCQuad 3.0 Mutant 13 1383
BBa_K2068005 Generator O3-33 Wild Type 576
BBa_K2068006 Generator O3-33 Mutant aa88 597
BBa_K2068007 Generator O3-33 Mutant aa118 597
BBa_K2068008 Generator O3-33 Mutant aa173 603