In short:

Biobrick submitting
Meredith Wouters
Damien Fivet
Alexandre Mattenet
Lab Work
Kilian Dekoninck, Benjamin Devreux, Damien Fivet, Adrien Gauchet, Antoine Godeaux, Grégory Godefroi, Joaquin Guzman, Pierre-Antoine Masscheleyn, François Tyckaert, Maxime Velings and Meredith Wouters
Maltodextrin prod
Adrien Gauchet
Social media
Antoine Godeaux and Maxime Velings
Team organization
Kilian Dekoninck and Damien Fivet
Grégory Godefroi
Theory to lab
Antoine Godeaux, Joaquin Guzman and François Tyckaert
Video support
Benjamin Devreux, Pierre-Antoine Masscheleyn and Maxime Velings

Attributions in details

Biobrick :

Meredith Wouters amplified, cloned and took care of the submission of our “pIV-leaky-Marciano Biobrick” to the iGEM registry.

Biosafety :

Damien took care to complete the Safety Forms.

Informatics and wiki support:

Alexandre Mattenet who built our wiki from a to z.

Lab Work:

Due to the hard work required to take care of several mutants libraries and to go through our diverse selection methods, most of the team took part in the lab work. But beyond the daily work we can highlight the work of Adrien Gauchet who designed a protocol to extract maltodextrins from glycose syrup; Antoine Godeaux, Joaquin Guzman and Meredith Wouters who, relying on their lab’s experience, trained the rest of the team; François Tyckaert and Maxime Velings who realized most of the sequencings.

Maltodextrin production:

Purified maltodextrins, is a substrate needed in large quantities during our selection process. It is a key component for our project, difficult to obtain and which prices can rise to 1500 €/gr. Thanks to Cargill who delivered free corn glucose syrup, we were able to extract from it the wanted maltodextrins fractions following a protocol adapted from an article and designed by Adrien Gauchet.

Project logo :

We thank Julie Pironet for her project logo idea.

Social Media :

Antoine Godeaux and Maxime Velings managed the different social media.

Team’s organization :

Kilian Dekoninck created the team and takes the responsibility of team leader. Thanks to its organization, Damien Fivet ensured that the team move through the iGEM calendar.


Grégory Godefroi was responsible of managing the finances of the team.

Theory to lab :

“The Gatekeeper” has emerged after several brainstorming sessions. However, Antoine Godeaux and Joaquin Guzman, who worked closely with the PIs during the early phase of the project, brought a lot to make the project credible.

Video support :

Benjamin Devreux, Pierre-Antoine Masscheleyn and Maxime Velings created the video supports.

Supervision and acknowledgment :

We would like to thank:
Professors Patrice Soumillion and Bernard Hallet for supervising us, hosting us in their lab and for their numerous advice during brainstorming and laboratory manipulations ;
Pierre Galka, PhD student, who teached us his new techniques to create a mutant bank ;
Professor Pascal Hols for his practical advice ;
All the BBGM team for welcoming us during this summer and giving us every little laboratory tips ;
Professor Yves-Jacques Schneider for hosting us in his unit office ;
Professor Benjamin Elias hosting us in his lab to purify the maltodextrin ;
Lab technician Stéphanie Wautier who supervised this purification and provided instructions