Safe Project Design

Our project was designed intrinsically without using pathogenic chassis (for humans, animals or plants), but using antibiotics. To avoid the apparition of antibiotic resistance, several precautions must be applied during their whole uses. We notice we use at least two antibiotics together permitting to limit the resistance apparition risk.

Safe Lab Work

Our lab is classified L2 as risk class, low risk. That means there are some organisms which are pathogenic for human but the propagation is unlikely and a therapy or a phophylaxis exists to treat the pathogen-disease. However, we don’t use these organisms for iGEM manipulation. Nonetheless, we apply the Good Laboratory Practices as if we were working with this kind of organisms to avoid their propagation in the nature because it’s GMO.

The use of the antibiotics implies to manipulate them wearing a mask to filter the breathed air when they are in powder and to treat the waste containing it as chemical wastes after sterilization.

Every team member follows a special biosafety formation before starting to work in the lab.

Biosafety laws and regulation in Belgium

All legal information for the biosafety in Belgium and European Union are given by Belgian Biosafety Server. (

Safe Shipment

To submit our parts, we used the standard DNA Submission Kit that came with the 2016 Distribution, and followed the directions on the Registry. (