Meeting other teams

iGEM UGent

It is always a pleasure to collaborate with our compatriots. Indeed, both of our teams were very pleased with this collaboration. We tried to review each other work as much as possible and one week before the Jamboree, we also met in order to discuss each other presentations and posters.

Finally after this incredible adventure, we plan to organise a conference on synthetic biology, here in Belgium. This would be the perfect opportunity to fill in Belgian students about what is iGEM and how this contest brings so much hopes to synthetic biology.


One member of our team (Pierre-Antoine) spent his second semester (January-May 2016) in Helsinki for an exchange. He made the most of it by contacting the Aalto-Helsinki iGEM team to organize a meeting with them. It was rewarding for both teams as they could discuss about ideas and organization in general.

Meeting other scientists

One conference from the UCL research institute ‘ISV’ which stands for Institut des Sciences de la Vie (Life Science Institute) was dedicated to our iGEM project under the theme ‘Our First Scientific Adventure’. It was presented by Antoine Godeaux and Joaquin Guzman on the 7th of October 2016 .

Meeting other students

Short presentations about iGEM and our project were organized before or during the break of several courses at the University. The purpose was to inform and draw the attention of students to iGEM and synthetic biology.

Meeting our sponsors

One of our Sponsor provided us with Corn Syrup (See Homemade product) used for our test of selection for our leaky porins. We could also work with them in order to analyze the different products through chromatographic analysis.