Getting interviews in newspapers!

La Libre Belgique
‘La Libre Belgique’ is a well known newspaper in the french speaking part of Belgium. There will be an article about the project and our iGEM experience once we are back from Boston.
‘Tracteur’ is a student newspaper of an association of the bioengineers students. Thanks to its redactor, we began to publish an article (called ‘the word of iGEM’ in french) about us, our project and iGEM in every edition for this academic year. With the next UCLouvain iGEM team, we hope that ‘the word of iGEM’ becomes a traditional part of this newspaper.
Carpe Studentem
‘Carpe studentem’ is a student newspaper written by a special team to cover all student events organized on the Louvain-la-Neuve Campus. Coming soon after the Giant Jamboree.
Le Soir
‘Le Soir’ is one of the most read newspaper in the french speaking part of Belgium. One special page of interview of the edition of 6th October 2016 was dedicated to our project.
You can read it on Le Soir's website by clicking here