In the past summer, fifteen members of the iGEM UESTC-Software team worked together to achieve our goal, to develop a biological information storage system. During the process, every one made an effort to go beyond the set goal. Moreover, the team’s success is not only a result of the concerted contribution of all members and but also due to the generous help from many other people.

Member Attributions

Bio101 design

Back-end and Webpage Framework: Dongkai Pu, Jianwei Xu

Front-end: Jianwei Xu, Jun Li, Meng Liu

Modeling: Dongkai Pu, Meng Liu, Chenxiang Zheng, Hao Xu, Wei Zhao

Test and Validation: Zhongtian Ma, Jianwei Xu

Art Design: Xin Ma, Zining Wu

Documentation: Meng Liu, Jun Li, Yuening Yan, Caixi Xi

Bio2048 design

User Interface: Xin Ma

Programming: Xin Ma

Icon Degisn:Haobo Zhou

Hierarchical Concept: Zhongtian Ma

Human Practices and Collaborations
Development of Data-Processing Tool for UESTC-China

Programming and Documentation: Jianwei Xu, Dongkai Pu, Xin Ma

Support for TMMU_China

Programming and Documentation: Meng Liu

Collaboration with AHUT_ China

Video Meeting: Jianwei Xu, Hao Xu

iGEM Southwest China Union Meetup

Presentation: Chenxiang Zheng

Poster: Zining Wu

Brief Introduction: Hui Che

Meet-up with TMMU_China and Nanjing-China

Presentation: Hui Che, Haobo Zhou

Poster: Zining Wu

Brief Introduction: Jianwei Xu

Science Lecture

Material Preparation: Caixi Xi, Hao Xu

Presentation: Yuening Yan, Hui Che

PowerPoint Slides Design: Zining Wu

Photo: Haobo Zhou

Documentation: Yuening Yan, Hui Che

Lab-Open Day Event

Design, Planning and Implementation: Hao Xu, Caixi Xi

Sina Microblog Public Account

Management: Zhongtian Ma

Community Propaganda

Design and Plan: Caixi Xi, Haobo Zhou

Art and design

Programming: Meng Liu, Jun Li

Design: Haobo Zhou

Copywriting: Hui Che, Yuening Yan, Meng Liu, Caixi Xi, Wei Zhao, Zhongtian Ma, Chenxiang Zheng

Team sign and uniform

Inspiration: Haobo Zhou

Design and Draw: Zining Wu, Xin Ma

Special Thanks

Professor Xianlong Wang, Primary PI

Helping the team design and plan the project. His guidance to all 15 members is greatly appreciated.

Professor Fengbiao Guo, Secondary PI

Giving the team precious advice on the presentation and wiki design.

Ling Quan and Qiong Zhang, Instructors

Their leadership and directions on how to build a successful team is worth mentioning. They taught us how to become more friendly and united. Also, they gave us advice on issues regarding travelling to Boston and the contents of our presentation.

Kaiyue Zhang, the team leader of 2015 UESTC-China, and Yaocong Duan, the team leader of 2015 UESTC-Software.

For giving us advice on building our team and disciplines, providing support outside of training, which encouraged us to be focused and produce a perfect project.

Xu Wang, System Administrator at Xingchen Studio

For building the server and helping us set up backstage when we had problem during visualization design.

Bohan Li, Ziyun Guan, Jingyi Wang, Huanghao Yang, Wei Liu, the Preliminary Team Members (sophomores of UESTC).

For helping us with human practices including the implementation of the open-day visiting activity “To Be Scientists Tomorrow” and Community Advocacy. Their help is especially appreciated for taking photos, shooting videos and preparing materials.

Other teams taking part in the competition     ·SCU-China,Nanjing-China, TMMU_China, UESTC-China,AHUT_China

For discussing our projects with us and putting forward some views and suggestions to improve our task.


For mentoring us to do wet-lab experiment and assisting us with two human practices, the lab-open day “To Be Scientists Tomorrow” and the science lecture in Puyang Middle School.


For doing dry-lab testing and offering testing report for our project.

Developers of the Following Open-Source Libraries and Packages

Django, Owl-Carousel, Bootstrap, JQuery and ISAAC.

Dean’s Office of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

It’s a great deal for us that the Dean’s Office provided our funds during the competition. The Dean’s Office covered the flight fees, accommodation, also Team Registration Fees and the Jamboree Attendance Fee, which greatly reduced our financial burden and motivated us to focus on the competition.

Thanks again to all the people who helped us during the summer. With your support, we become a successful iGEM team.