Although Bio101 has fulfilled its design goals to encode and decode information in DNA sequences, there is a long way to put DNA information storage into practical usage. In the future, we will focus on two aspects to improve our software further, wet-lab validation of our DNA editing protocol and integration of Bio101 with hardware for on-site DNA synthesis and sequencing.

DNA Editing

To prove the feasibility of data editing protocol, we plan to do a wet-lab validation. Bio101 provides a BioBrick part for the small-guide RNA (sgRNA) expression and we will test its efficiency and accuracy working together with CRISPR/CAS9 system to erase the DNA fragments which encoding the old data to be replace.

Fig.1.Wet-lab validation of DNA editing.

System Integration

Currently, Bio101 provides a solution to the IT part of the DNA information storage system. For practical usage, we need to integrate both the IT part and BT part, including coding, synthesis, sequencing, decoding and editing, into one system. The latest development in the areas of DNA synthesis and sequencing and lab-on-chip provides us possibility. We will investigate some possible integration ideas in the future.

Fig.2.Integration of DNA information storage system.