Team:UNSW Australia/Human Practices

Our human practices involved investigation into various lines of enquiry regarding the development of our OMV platform technology.

Firstly, the importance of responsibly assessing potential applications avenues for our technology was paramount. As such, we met with researchers and business professionals in Environmental and Medical Biotechnology, to explore factors that may affect the progress of our technology in these areas. From these discussions we developed a set of considerations that were subsequently integrated into our project design, in order to ensure successful future application.

We also explored broader factors weighing upon the progression of synthetic biology technologies. To achieve this, we consulted with Humanities academics to understand how ideas of risk, communication, and ethics should inform both our project, and social directions of synthetic biology holistically.

Meanwhile consultation with legal professionals was conducted to identify how synthetic biology technology, such as ours, is monitored and legislated for regionally and globally. Overall, this approach helped shape our OMV technology into an elegant platform technology for future implementation.

Please explore our Silver, Gold, Integrated Human Practices and Engagement pages for more detail on our work.