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Meet The Team

We are six enthusiastic students, dedicated to exploring the potential of synthetic biology. Along with our mentors Daniel Winter and Dr Christopher Marquis, we have combined our skills from many different backgrounds to form the well-oiled machine that is the UNSW Australia iGEM team.

Team Members


I'm a science student majoring in microbiology and pathology, and I'm very passionate about scientific research. My particular research interests include the gut microbiota, stem cells and synthetic biology. I was attracted to becoming involved in the iGEM competition because I saw it as a great opportunity to think creatively, and to learn and practice research independently.


Over my years at Uni I've flitted between many different fields of science, though I finally settled on Genetics and Psychology as my majors. I've contributed to projects on hallucinatory stimuli, and regulatory genetic elements in the brain. Recently that interest extended to Synthetic Biology; I enjoy how it aims to make applying biological knowledge standardised, controlled, and logical, as well as the breadth of cool projects you can apply it to.


I am a keen, undergraduate student, and have thoroughly enjoyed exploring many different areas of biology (from working to conserve Flatback marine turtles to working with stromatolites) during my time at UNSW. Synthetic biology recently appealed to me as a novel way to make a real impact on conserving the environment through the development of new tools for researchers. When I'm not busy in the lab, you'll find me hunting down a new café or specialty coffee shop!


I am a second year science and law student, majoring in molecular and cell biology with a particular interest in the emerging field of synthetic biology, and the novel applications this area of research could develop to solve world issues. I am also fascinated about the intersection between science innovation and law, and the policy implications of emerging technologies on society. I became involved in iGEM as a way to independently develop these interests in a creative and meaningful way.


I am a second year pharmacology and microbiology student, passionate about making an impact on the world of science. I am interested in developing innovative solutions to improve human health and the quality of life, and I see synthetic biology as a way of achieving these important goals. iGEM allows me to look at global issues in a more creative way, by brainstorming and independently tackling problems that impact the world we live in.


I am a 2nd year undergraduate science student, double majoring in molecular and cell biology and bioinformatics. My passion lies in both the fields of software engineering as well as biological research. This emerging discipline of synthetic biology has caught my interest particularly as it will allow me to apply computational science to biology. I find it fascinating how detailed yet simple the genetic code of life can be, and I would like to contribute to the expanding knowledge of it.

Our Mentors


I am native of Rio de Janeiro and have travelled around the globe pursuing my studies. I completed my BSc and MSc at Université Paris Diderot in France and I am now a 3rd year PhD candidate at UNSW Australia. I'm passionate about teaching, systems biology and synthetic biology, which led to my involvement in UNSW iGEM - it's the second time around I'm advising an iGEM team at UNSW and we're getting better at this!


I did my PhD in biochemical engineering a long time ago, in the area of producing monoclonal antibodies in bioreactors. Since being an academic I have worked on many collaborations with industry and other academics in areas that include protein production and purification, nanobiotechnology and bioremediation. Through iGEM I have become a fan of synthetic biology and the potential for interdisciplinary collaboration to create amazing things.