Our project focuses on the development of a drop-in biodiesel that will fit regular fuel combustion engines without the corrosion or malfunctioning that the trans-esterified fuel normally causes. Our transgenic E. coli will work as a catalyst factory, where plant oils will be converted into fuels with high mechanical quality and environmental friendly properties. The modified E.coli will be able to sustain alkane production because of the tocopherol gene. This makes cell membranes resistant to fatty acids. We believe this molecular biology construct may be applicable into a large-scale production of biodiesel either using E. coli or an eukaryotic organism.

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This is where the magic takes place, it shows our results and discoveries while making E.coil happen!!

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Human Practices

Synthetic biology can help the society in so, so many ways we can't even list them here. Here is how we tried to spread wonderful knowledge!

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Human Safety

Okay... Okay... We will tell you what safety measurements we took. No!! We did not realease any deadly viruses... Or you may think so...

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