Our team, USP-EEL-Brazil, took part in the InterLab Studies of 2016!!

This year InterLab Study goal was to measure GFP fluorescence and see how close the numbers can be when fluorescence is measured all around the world by different labs and people using similar genetic material and how close would the results be.


The InterLab had the following components that would be used to transform the cells, and subsequently, measure their expression:

Plasmid DNA (100 pg/uL in 10uL of Buffer EB)

Test Device 1: J23101.B0034.E0040.B0015 in pSB1C3

Test Device 2: J23106.B0034.E0040.B0015 in pSB1C3

Test Device 3: J23117.B0034.E0040.B0015 in pSB1C3

Positive Control Device: I20270 in pSB1C3

Negative Control Device: R0040 in pSB1C3


We measured the devices with a plate reader.

Only two devices were measured, Test Device 3 and Negative Control, due to growth problems of the other three devices. More info in the Notebook page

Source: Personal Archive


For the transformations, we used the iGEM Transformation Protocol. Top10 cells were grown accordingly to the standard iGEM protocol, in LB medium.

For measurements, we used the Plate Reader Protocol.

For preparing the Phosphate-buffered saline (PBS), we used the CSH Protocol without supplementing PBS with CaCl2•2H2O and MgCl2•6H2O.

And to whom it may concern, our measurement data is avaible here

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