The Virginia 2016 team approached us for a contribution. We exchanged information about biocontainment. They gathered information from various teams and created a summary about this topic. It can be found in their wiki.


The Bordeaux 2016 team did a survey about sleeping disorders and their origins, which is directly related to their project. We helped them with that, and it is worth checking out!


The UBonn_HBRS 2016 team worked with recycled paper and needed people to help them understand its acceptance and response. That's what we did.


The UBonn_HBRS 2016 team worked with recycled paper and wanted people to help them understand its acceptance and response. That's what we did.


The Pasteur Paris 2016 team did their project about capturing mosquitoes and analyzing whether they were inffected, pretty neat. They needed people evaluation of it, so we answered a few questions for them.


The Tianjin team joined their forces with Valencia_upv, Pittsburgh, NTU-Singapore, Virginia, Pasteur_Paris teams and made a questionnaire covering different aspects of synthetic biology.

Munich United

The Munich team made a pretty good research about enabling factors in biotechnology and we collaborated with our input.

Toulouse France

The Toulouse France team did a really useful video guide teaching the synthetic biology basics. It included subjects from PCR to transformation. We contributed to their work by doing a voice-over in portuguese for their videos, so future teams from Brazil could watch it in their own language. The videos have a lot of different languages choices available. It is in their wiki.


We must also consider the USP-UNIFESP team as a collaboration for us. Even tough our teams did not have any active collaborations, their guidance and advices really helped us a lot. During our visit in their labs, they helped us with vital information about genetic design. During our first iGEM steps, they were also present and helped us to get university support. At first, the idea of jointing both teams was a real possibility for us.

Our financial research

A big thank you to all the teams that answered our questions and helped us to assemble our financial analyses of iGEM Expenditure. It really means a lot to us.

Previous teams

Although these teams are not present in this year's competition, they were very helpful to us and we feel the gratitude to consider them our collaborators.

The 2015 USP-Brazil iGEM team gave us really useful advice and mentoring, even long before we even started our project. A lot o skype calls with them lead us up the way of synthetic biology and iGEM itself.

The 2015 UFMG team also helped us cement most of our basis needed to develop our project. Even tough they are not taking part in the 2016 competition, we participated in their anual Synthetic Biology Summer Course, in which they covered much information about the competition and project itself. It even had a experimental project included. Not to mention how much light the shined upon us with information, tons of helpful and insightful classes and talks were absolutely vital for what we have achieved today.