André Tamires Leonardo Sabryne Hemerson Aline Rodolfo Daniel Júlio Segato
First Synthetic Biology Week - Organization
Cycle of seminars
Presentation on the Freshman Reception
Presentation on VII Industrial Biotechnology Week
Brainstorming and project idea
Brazilian bureaucracy
Oil and tocopherol effect on cells experiment
Collaboration with other iGEM teams
Money allocating and handling
Online course project
Restriction and 3A assembly
Design of G-blocks
Gibson Assembly
School Teaching Project
Plasmid miniprep
Biobrick shippment
Optical density analysis
Experimental design
iGEM Raffle
Artistic Designs
University communication
Human Management
Organization of experimental data
Study of mathematical behavior of data
Project Writing
Sponsor Contact
iGEM Expenditure Inquiry
Wiki Design
Wiki Content
Wiki programming
Biosafety: check-ins
Posters and presentations graphic design
Arts and design

Thank You!!

Without these people, all of this would not have been possible, we really appreciate them!

Thomas Howard and Christoph Albermann, the authors of the researches in which we widely based all our work on. Both of them took time to talk to us, give advice and even some data. We are really grateful for their attention.

Professor André Ferraz, one of the very few people in the university to support us and actively help.

Professor Arnaldo Prata, who also believed in us and would be glad to land a hand whenever we needed.

Professor Heizir Castro, who always gave us useful material, advice and even reagents

Professor Domingos Giordani and Victor Silva, who helped us with some analyzes and tests.

All the other university's professors and staff who helped us with our tasks or questions

Flávia Araújo Sousa from EMS, who we first met and created all the communication path to them.

All the lab staff, who were always nice to us, even when we were bothering them.

All the members from CBSin.

Big Deal Lorena and Maurício, who made our raffle possible and was really eager and thoughtful to help us.

Natalha and André from Unifatea, who helped us with our logos and artwork.

Walter Neto, who saved our wiki and helped us develop it.

Camila Lima, who helped us with the wiki template.

All our crowdfunding backers: Talita Martins Lacerda, João Maldonado, Marcos Felipe Schmidt, Lucrécio Fábio dos Santos, Pedro Carlos de Oliveira, Cléber AP, André Ferraz, Andréa Zotelli, Caeb Eel, Francisco Carlos Biaggio, Isabel Augusta, João Pedro Maya, Lenira Azevedo, Marcelo Zlotnik, Maria Luiza Pinto Picanço, Martha Hermann, Natália Marques teixeira, Otilia Nemes, Pedro Pouchucq, Pedro Thomas Vilela Hermann, Yugo Nihari, Zaira Hoffmam, Adriano Peixoto, Alessandra Rodrgues, Aline Camargo Neves, Alisson Lian, Antônio Mairton Menezes de Oliveira Filho, Arnaldo Marcio Ramalho Prata, Bianca Leyen, Bianca Oliva, Bruno Drumond, Caio Augusto, Caio Carvalho, Carolina Azevedo, Caroline Kroll Voos Vieira, César Enéas Guerreiro, Clara Guerra Duarte, Domingos Savio Giordani, Edson Cutrim, Eduardo Manzolli, Fabiano Bargos, Flávio Bicalho, Gabriel Conde, Gabriela Berto, Gilza Izabel de Rezende Vilela Hermann, Giovanna Macini, Gislene Ferreira, Heitor Varela, Isabel Rodrigues, Jhunu Fernandes, José Henrique Setta, Junia Estequi, Leilane Gomes, Leonardo Chicaybam Peixoto, Leônidas Sampaio Fernandes Neto, Manzara e Manzara Com e Serv Ltda, Marcelo Sulpicio, Marcia Kawach, Maria Fernanda Sulpicio, Maria Isabel D. Sulpicio, Maria Laura Robledo, Marina Magalhães, Mário Henrique Carvalho Renó Faria, Nelson Prado, Paula C P M Pardal, Pedro Henrique Guerra Peixe, Rafael Castro, Raul Acedo, Regina Márcia Macca, Sandro Martins Ribeiro, Thalles Cortez, Valter José Fernandes Coelho Marcelino, Gabriel Vieira and of course, all the anonymous contributions.

And finally, all our families, who always supported and believed in us.