Team:WashU StLouis/Attributions


This project would not have been possible without these people

The WashU-PSU iGEM undergraduates were responsible for almost all aspects of the iGEM project, from project development to scheduling experiments to preparing the presentation. Specific roles included:

  • Kellie Boyle: Modelng specialist and lone member of the dry lab team
  • Drew Ells: Finance specialist and wet lab
  • Zach Glick: Wiki specialist and wet lab
  • Harley Greene: HP specialist and wet lab
  • Gillian Myers: Team/deadline manager and wet lab

We would be remiss if we did not mention the incredible help we received from our advisors and instructors


  • Ammon Posey: Taught proper use of luminescence plate reader in the Pappu Lab and allowed us to use it for measurements
  • Ray Henson: Assisted with cloning issues and helped with basic lab techniques
  • Andrea Balassy: Assisted with project inspiration and planning
  • Drew DeLorenzo: Helped troubleshoot PCR errors
  • Matthew Leong: Taught basic lab techniques, like miniprep, assisted in troubleshooting


  • Sarah Rommelfanger: Was the key mentor in the Zhang lab and helped with general lab techniques, like cell component extractions, and PCR troubleshooting
  • Cheryl Immethun: Was the key mentor in the Moon lab, provided us with invaluable project inspiration and guidance, and was our savior in our time of need
  • Tom Mueller: Was the key mentor at Penn State, assisted with project inspiration and advice, and taught Kellie FBA/modeling techniques
  • Dr. Brennan: Was the primary faculty instructor, gave critical project guidance and advice along the ride, and helped keep us up to date with iGEM deadlines
  • Dr. Moon: Provided us with a lab space, resources, and equipment
  • Dr. Zhang: Provided us with lab space, resources, and equipment

We would also like to extend a special thanks to the following groups:

  • UNL iGEM and Missouri S&T iGEM, for making our summer fun
  • Monsanto and Intrexon, for supporting us financially and intellectually
  • The following groups, for helping to make our project possible: