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We're all in this together

Drew Ells

Drew is a sophomore at Wash U double majoring in Chemical Engineering and Systems Engineering. This is his first year participating in iGEM, and he has taken on the role of Financial Coordinator for the team. One day Drew hopes to work in renewable energy, but synthetic biology is another passion of his. He also sings for the Wash U Pikers a capella group and can run a 9 minute mile.

Harley Greene

Harley is a senior at Wash U majoring in Biology and minoring in Bioinformatics. In his first year in iGEM, he is serving as the team’s HP liaison. Harley is considering further studying synthetic biology in graduate school and plans to take a gap year first. Harley is also the president of one of Wash U’s student-run theater groups and has held a yellow belt in karate since fourth grade.

Gillian Myers

Gillian is a junior at Wash U majoring in Biomedical Engineering. She is the Project Manager that keeps the whole team on time. Gillian is considering graduate school, but hopes to one day work on developing medical devices. Gillian is also on the Varsity Women’s Soccer Team and knows all the lyrics to the alphabet song.

Kellie Boyle

Kellie is a junior at Penn State majoring in Biology and minoring in Spanish. Kellie is the modeling expert for the team, utilizing Flux Balance Analysis to make suggestions for the team’s lab work. Kellie is heavily involved in PSU’s THON dance marathon fundraiser and can brush her teeth with her eyes closed.

Zach Glick

Zach is a junior at Wash U double majoring in Chemistry and Computer Science. He is the resident wikimaster. Zach intends to pursue graduate school to combine his interests in chemistry and computer science. Zach is a TA for computer science classes and can walk up stairs three at a time.