Team:WashU StLouis/Collaborations


STOP… Collaborate and listen

The WashU-PSU iGEM team collaborated with a few teams over the summer and early fall. Listed below are each team we collaborated with and how we helped each other out.

Cardiff University iGEM:

  • In order to validate our measurements for our ATP constructs, we sent them our ATP producing plasmid constructs (pck and pgk) to be tested in their state of the art technology, the Biospace Lab PhotonIMAGER.
  • See their data on our results page

Vilnius iGEM:

  • Vilnius recreated our characterization of HSP BBa_K873002 and confirmed our results. We gave them our protocol and helped them through the procedure.


    We were mentors this summer to the first iGEM team from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. UNL iGEM's project involved engineering bacteria to denitrify water. This goal compliments our project, so the relationship was a good fit.


  • Provided them with water from the Mississippi river to test for nitrates
  • Helped them find funding sources by putting them in contact with Monsanto and our other sponsors
  • Met up at the Heartland iGEM Meetup and exchanged presentation and project tips
  • Gave them many HP resources and contacts, like the Iowa Soybean Association and St. Louis Waterworks
  • Helped each other through the wiki freeze crunch time
  • We were so happy to have worked with them throughout the summer and are in awe of how hard they worked and what they accomplished!