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Lab safety

The lab safety always be the most important part of our team,we ensure that our members will complete the task safely.For this reason,our team spent a lot of time on the team's laboratory safety training.This training emphasizes the importance of laboratory safety,and supervise the members to keep in mind.Before entering the lab,we will still emphasize again.In particular, to do more dangerous experiments or enter a more dangerous Lab,we will be put on protective clothing, shoes, gloves, and a series of protective measures.Disposable supplies and laboratory hazardous waste,will be timing process,and will be always keeping the floor dry and clean.we won't put the clutter in the hallway.Any lab equipment,will be disposed before or after the experiment.The E.coli which we used is the level one organisms.The teacher will be conduct when student are doing some dangerous experiment,and pay attention to the safety of the students.