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Team members

Manqing Peng

Hello! I am Manqing Peng, a student from Guangdong Experimental High School. As I have great interest and enthusiasm in biology, and hope to acquire more knowledge about synthetic biology and improve my skills, I take part in the iGEM. I take charge of the experiment parts, writing parts and speech parts in our team. Working with other excellent members in the team, I not only learned a lot about laboratory and synthetic biology, but also experienced the power of teamwork. It was so amazing that iGEM has become an unforgettable experience in my life.

Anqi Cheng

Hi, everyone! My name is Anqi Cheng, a team member in both modeling and experiment parts. I take part in the iGEM team of my high school, which is called Guangdong Experimental High School. Guangdong Experimental High School, where I am studying in for more than four years, is a comprehensive high school which has great opportunities for students. It is my great pleasure to obtain the chance to be a team member of GDSYZX--United, owing to my strong curiosity in biology field as well as my burning desire to modeling and synthetic biology. I joined in thorough process of experiment, and this was the most unforgettable experience.

Yingtong Wang

My name is Yingtong Wang. I 'm a member in digital modeling group. My great interest in synthetic biology is one of the main reasons why I’m participating in iGEM. The great thing about synthetic biology is that we are not only examining and observing nature, but also in our lives. I am excited about the prospect of completing our own research project and hopefully contributing to the synthetic biology community.

Yuwen Feng

I am Yuwen Feng , a senior student in Guangdong Experimental High School. As a member in GDSYZX-United, I am the leader of the experimental group. I am interested in biology, especially in plants. So last year, I took part in the Biological Experiments Association, one of the academic associations in my school. I join this group in March. When I first heard about iGEM, I thought it very difficult. However, after a few months of preparation, I learn a lot about synthetic biology and I now believe that it is a meaningful experience.

Yikun Zhu

I am Yikun Zhu. IGEM is great! I take part in this competition because I have a passion for engineering new things and doing experiments. The process of engineering is full of fun: first you imagine what kind of thing you want to make, what’s the function of it, and then you use several basic parts to build it so it will turn out to be something you want. Synthetic biology gives me the chance to engineer interesting parts and I am so glad to see the part could work in our experiment! Moreover,iGEM encourages me to try new things, like modeling and designing the wiki. There’re always new things to learn in iGEM!

Haoyuan Yan

Hello! I'm Haoyuan Yan from Guangdong Experimental High School. Because of my love for Biology and ambition of obtaining more knowledge, Together with my friends, I joined a iGEM team called GDSYZX-United.In our team, I am in charge of presentation, and I also assist other members to finish many tasks.

Yifan Liaoyan

I signed up iGem due to my passion for computer science and biology. I love programming so much. Computer science allows me to engineer anything with the simple mechanics of “0” and “1”. While biology allows me to study the structure of all forms of life. Synthetic biology helps me to do both of it. It is really a cool thing.

Xiao Yao

My name is Xiao Yao, and I am a student from Guangdong Experimental High School. As a person found of biology, especially biological experiments, I decided to join in this high-leveled competition the moment the application form came to me. At first, I thought iGEM was only a match about synthetic biology. But then, with a deeper understanding about it, I learnt that iGEM was definitely not a knowledge quiz, but a competition focusing on the abilities of creative thinking and teamwork. And that’s why I began to love it much more than before. I believe the unforgettable experience of iGEM together with my teammates and our project will be a lifetime treasure in my memories. Also, as somebody who hopes to make some international friends, I look forward to attending the Giant Jamboree really, very much!

Haiyue Wu

I am Haiyue Wu. I joined GDSYZX_United as a member of experimental group for my great interest of synthetic biology. I'm a quite outgoing girl and I'm hard-working. I'm always looking forward to meeting and communicating people who have the same interest as mine, and here I meet my teammates. I will try my best to make our team stronger, and I believe that we will show you a wonderful project in the Giant Jamboree .Fighting!

Wuqing Yang

Hello, I’m Wuqing Yang from iGEM2016, GDSYZX-United. I’m very glad to attend this competition and join this team. iGEM is a comprehensive competition with many subjects, it gives me a chance to challenge myself. I gained the knowledge of various subjects, also improved my manipulative ability. I believe that this competition will become my precious experience.

Haoyu Liu

Hi, I’m Haoyu Liu from Guangdong Experimental High School. Personally, I think, my interests extended particularly the field of science and engineering. From the very first, I’ve heard something high-class like ‘synthetic biology’ or ‘iGEM ’. With the teachers’ introduction, my interest of biology and engineering, an d my expectation to learn in MIT, I joined this group without hesitation. When learning with the group, we gradually known the frame of undergrad biology, the basic knowledge of synthetic biology, molecular biology and the genetic engineering, and we obtained the skills of lab works. This project has brought us a lot, that’s why we are to do our utmost to achieve our goal--the Gold even the Grand Prize!

Junwei Zhen

Hello everyone, I am Junwei Zhen, a student in grade three from Guangdong Experimental High School. I love biology very much. So I take part in the iGEM competition. Studying with other teammates in the past few months, I had a brief comprehending of synthetic biology. I participated in the art group and the experiment group in GDSYZX-united. I love science, I love iGEM.

Qinxiang Wang

I’m Qinxiang Wang of the team GDSYZX-United. The reason I took part in iGEM is that I’m interested in biology, and I’d like to make friends with other people. I take charge of the poster and the WIKI. I studied with other teammates, we shared our different ideas on synthetic biology, from which I also learnt a lot. In addition, I like reading, drawing and playing the piano.

Yang Xinlin

Hello, I am Yang Xinlin, or you can call me Cecilia Yang. I come from Guangdong Experimental High School in Guangzhou. I am a girl who loves learning biology as well as exploring synthetic biology. Biology brings me pleasure. Because of the love of biology, I join this competition with passion. Attending this competition is my honor. I believe that I am going to gain not only biological knowledge but also others through this special and exciting experience.

Yacheng Qiu

I am Yacheng Qiu, a member of the team GDSYZX-UNITED. For my strong interest in synthetic biology as well as the specialties of me, which enable me to do well in language expression and artworks creating, I join this competition, becoming a part of my team with great joy and honor. Learning something valuable from every single one of my fellows and advisors, I wish to overcome all the challenges,witness all the glorious moments with my team. My goal is to have fun, enjoy the competition and win the prize!

Li Ziheng

I took part in the International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition because I love biology and enjoy doing experience of biology. During this competition, I made great progress in both the understanding of synthetic biology and facilitation with our my teammates. It also promoted my enthusiasm and passion toward the advanced biology and I will do some further learning.


Zhigang Feng

My name is Zhigang Feng , majored in Biology. An idea, a team, a legendary tour. This is me in the eyes of the iGEM.

Before that, I'm not sure whether high school students know how to return a responsibility, iGEM for them is a piece of blank paper. A year from hiring, topic selection, experiment, modeling,and speech to complete for themselves, the depth of the scientific research experience is difficult to obtain elsewhere. In addition, iGEM also let me feel the team's strong, big to the project, wiki, speech of who will bear responsibility. Small to the campus propaganda, budgets. No one trust each other, the team cooperation tacit understanding is made. As their advicer, I would be glad to share what I know and they, and provide them with some of the ideas. I am very happy with high school students experience igem, they let me know what we can do many things, to find that textbooks of the real world.

Peng Deng

I’m Peng Deng, 20 years old , coming from China. I’m one of the junior students in Sun Yat-sen university and be majored in life science. I joined in the GDSYZX-United team and took part in the iGEM competition as an advisor. My work is mainly in charge of the improvement of professional words and oral English. Meanwhile, I have also given some guidance to the team members for the experiment of our project and helped with some other parts of the competition.

Hanqi Yang

Master of bioinformatics, an experienced social activist and business practitioner, Hanqi Yang provided assistance in experimental design as well as Human Resource and Entrepreneurship of iGEM. She helped us throughout the process from guidance by herself, practice our business model from ideas to execution.

Rouxian Zeng

I am Rouxian Zeng, the advisor of GDSYZX-United team from China. I major in science of biology in SCNU, China. It is my pleasure to be a team member of iGEM and I appreciate this competition. Not only because it promotes all participants considering what synthetic biology can be applied in the real life, but also it helpsto build up a integrated team that really makes difference.

Jinjin Ke

I’m Jinjin Ke, 35 years old , coming from China. I joined in the GDSYZX-United team and took part in the iGEM competition as an advisor. Before this, I have worked on education career for many years.

Dr. Simin Zhang

An experienced presentator and public speaker who is keen on graphic design, Dr. Simin Zhang provide assistence in public speaking as well as various design assignments in iGEM. He helped us throughout the process from training, the formation of ideas to project execution and the Giant Jamboree.

Honglei Jin

A young professor of biology in SUN YAT-SEN University who is excellent in the field of Plant Molecular Biology. The idea of our project was originally based on the project that he had done. He guided us throughout the whole training, from project selecting, project initialization management to program construction.

Yishun Zhang

Yishun Zhang is a laboratory chief of the Teaching Center of Biology Experiment. He is an experienced and patient advisor. And he gave us some training about the safety and regulation of lab.

Jianer Wu

Jianer Wu is a laboratory chief of the Teaching Center of Biology Experiment. She is experienced and patient, she was in charge of the apparatus and helped us to do some preparations for experiences.

Siyao Feng

Siyao Feng, an advisor who graduated from China University of Geosciences. We really appreciated her giving us some expert advises in art design, from poster to wiki.

Baoyun Cheng

Cheng Baoyun, a senior high school biology teacher, works at guangdong experimental high school. She was awarded for the top ten young teachers in Guangzhou. She was responsible for the 2016 iGEM project management.

Yufei Zhang

A student major in biology in South China Agricultural University, who has been taken part in iGEM 2014. YuFei Zhang helped us a lot in the lab. She reminded us some safety criterion throughout the project execution.

Ruite Chen

A student major in biology in South China Agricultural University, who has been taken part in iGEM 2014. Ruite Chen had provided writing direction for our team.

Dongke Yuan

Dongke Yuan is an experienced and excellent biology teacher in Guangdong Experimental High School. He helped us to finish team building and to develop an atmosphere of unity. Every time we went out to do human practice, he would do some preparation and remind us of something needed to be careful of.

Hanyan Quan

Hanyan Quan, who is the president of Guangdong Experimental High School, was in charge of iGEM of Guangdong Experimental High School for the past 3 years. He thought highly of our team and project and gave us remarkable support from apparatus to guides.


James Junzhi WEN

The PI of our team, and he guided us throughout the whole training, from project selecting, project initialization management to program construction.