GDSYZX-United/SAFETY/safety of process

Safety of process

Our team, GDSYZX-united, accomplished the whole experimental process in the clean, tidy and professional laboratory.

During the experimental preparation period, we cleaned, sterilized and tidyed up all the glasswares. We checked the safety certificates of the disposable things. We learnt about the usage of the experimental apparatus that were acquired. We also familiarized the position and application of chemicals, enzymes and medicines and so on. In addition, we learnt about where the emergency drug kit and emergency exit were

In order to be safe & clean and keep our team members from harmful medicines, we have worn white gowns and sanitary gloves throughout the experiment. We worked under the air-conditioning environment in an attempt to not producing too much metabolite which may affect the experiment. We accomplished our experiment in the hermetic laboratory, so our experiment was isolated from the outside world. As for the disposable tools such as spear, we would change it in time. In the whole process, we carefully learnt and obeyed the rules of the lab, and then operated and used the tools carefully and precisely.

As soon as our experiment came to a result, we helped the products sterilize, and had them disinfect and sealed in containers in case of their being polluted or escaping.