Business proposal

Background and survey

Background analysis

In the process of Human Practice, GDSYZX - United has plenty of in-depth discussions with life science professor, previous winner of iGEM and outstanding students of life science. Therefore, each member of GDSYZX-United has further understanding of life science, and they are more and more interest in life science, even treat it as their pursuit of life.

This is the age of high technology, and the era of biological technology change the world is coming. Chinese people has stronger interest in synthetic biology.

Genomics, one of the famous Chinese firm, which was founded in 2009. The value of this firm has up to RMB 20 billion, and this is the result of the confidence in Chinese biotechnology.

Chinese students have strong enthusiasm for synthetic biology, biotechnology and genetic engineering. GDSYZX - United has shared experience of iGEM through science festival of Guangdong province experimental middle school and community activities. Indeed, they found out that high school students have a strong interest in synthetic biology, but a few of them know iGEM. Beside, there is no chance for them to get a better understanding of synthetic biology, therefore, it’s very necessary and significant for students to do experimental operation by themselves, and spread synthetic biology, life sciences and iGEM to them.

Up to 35.64% of high school students in Guangzhou takes an interest in biology through the Human Practice investigation of GDSYZX – United.

User analysis

  1. Users in China
  2. According to the results of the 2016 National Economic and Social Development Survey by the National Bureau of Statistics, China now has 23,744,000 high school students, including 7,976,000 graduates and 7,966,000 new enrollments. For primary schools, China has 96,922,000 students with 14,372,000 graduates and 17,290,000 new enrollments. And junior high schools in China have a total of 43,120,000 students, including 14,176,000 graduates and 14,110,000 new enrollments.

    In the last, we will extend our products to the whole China country.

  3. Users in the province of the east of China in our first phase
  4. Further more, in our first phase, we regard the students in the province of the east of China where are in the economic prosperity, as our first target users, Especially the students in Guangzhou, Fujian, Jiangxi, Hunan, Anhui , Jiangsu, Hubei, Henan, Shandong, Hebei, Beijing and Tianjin. In these provinces, the amount of high school students are 13,722,000, and nearly half of them are in the city.

    Estimation shows that 35.64% of high school students are interested in biology, which means 24,470,000 students would be our target users. And 1% of these them, which means 24,500 students would develop a keen interest in participating the iGEM competition if we do some training promotion.

    There are 569,220,000 primary school students and 238,460,000 junior high school students in these provinces. Another rough estimation finds that at least 30% of them, which means 170,770,000 and 71,540,000 primary school and junior high school students would take an interest in life science.

primary school students junior high school students high school students
students in the east province
of China where are in the economic prosperity
569,220,000 238,460,000 137,220,000
Students interested in Biology 170,770,000 71,540,000 35,616,000
Students interested in iGEM / / 24,500

Product Profile

Through the early comprehensive investigation and analysis of the GDSYZX-United team, our team have designed our products——Geneprobe after thinking and discussing, mainly for Chinese students of all age. We guide and promote them to find their own interest in synthetic biology, genetic engineering and life science. And we encourage and help the students really interested in synthetic biology be devoted to the in-depth study and practice of synthetic biology

Our mission is to help 100 million Chinese students to understand and contact synthetic biology and Life Sciences, and help Chinese students really interested in synthetic biology plunge into the research of synthetic biology as soon as possible, to make a great contribution to the development of human beings.

Geneprobe is mainly divided into the following three aspects: public synthetic science, synthetic biology discovery learning and synthetic biology project practice.

  1) public synthetic science: At the initial stage, we are aimed at the elementary and junior high school students, high school students who have not much understood synthetic biology and life science temporarily. We cultivate their interest in life science as the main content, through fun and interesting life science experiments. And we teach them botany and animals in the garden and the zoo and raise flowers and small animals personally. Our aim is to guide lead students’ deep interest in life science.

  2) synthetic biology discovery learning: At the intermediate stage, we are aimed at students in the junior middle school and high school, who has had a certain understanding and interest in synthetic biology and life sciences. For their interest and questions in synthetic biology, we have designed a set of theoretical knowledge study, and hands-on experiments to obtain the required system of experimental training.

  3)synthetic biology project practice: At this advanced stage, we design a synthetic biology project for the students who has a deep understanding of synthetic biology and life science, letting them to work in group. And provide them with guidance and support, and recommend excellent team to participate in the iGEM competition.

Business mode

In view of our product, Geneprobe, GDSYZX-United has come up with a business mode that can earn enough cash flow

First ,direct at public synthetic science ,We will be designed a fun and meaningful day of public synthetic science for elementary, middle and high school students to participate,Or the public synthetic science for 2 days,and try to live with WeChat way, let the parents of the children can see activities throughout the day.

Through high quality content , as well as reputation and brand building, to attract the students to take part in our activity , charge a fee for each activity , get enough income , to maintain the project.

Second,as the students of take part in public synthetic science , select students who has a strong interest in biology of junior middle school students and senior high school students, and design 7-10 days in summer or winter vacation of summer/winter camp for their, synthetic biology can help them experience the real synthetic biology science research. Every summer/winter camp charge a fee , can get enough income, help the development of the project.

Third , to have deeping know and interest in the synthetic biology of junior middle school students , high school students , we design for half a year's gene discovery project practice for their , from theory to practice to help and guide them to form a group and to finish research of their interested , and recommend excellent team to participate in the iGEM competition. charge a fee to each student , get enough income, help project continues to grow.

The three parts continuously promote each other, as the primary stage of public synthetic science , can bring a lot of students for project, Can help Chinese students understanding of life science at an early age, and for the subsequent order, high order training in screening to attract more students. As an intermediate stage of synthetic biology learning, connect order and high order, provide learning opportunities for more interested in students with further , also for advanced screening of students.

As a higher stage of synthetic biology project practice, to really interested in synthetic biology students experience the real biological scientific research process in advance, excellent teams to participate in the iGEM competition, also bring great help for the project brand.

three stages of activities to promote each other,and bring more revenue and profit, also let Geneprobe brand value is bigger, the project that promote the development and practice of our mission - to help Chinese 100 million students understand contact synthetic biology, and help students of really interested in synthetic biology can as soon as possible into the synthetic biology research to explore, to a great contribution to the development of human beings.

Our program can also cooperate with many education institutions, because our project will gather many students who interested in synthetic biology, gene engineering and life science , can get a certain number of advertising revenue.

Pitched our idea to investors and received money

We have received 30,000RMB from GUANGZHOU OUYU EDUCATION INFORMATION CONSULTING CO.,LTD and 20,000RMB from Guangzhou Gran Education Technology Company.

Minimum viable product and customers

With the help of SCUT-China, we successfully designed a serious of lessons and held the offline activities at school.

There are 36 students took part in our first experiment activity. We introduced the laboratory and apparatus of biology to them and taught them the safety of the laboratory. Finally, they were able to do the genetic modified experiment and we received our first cash flow. There were 25 students took part in the lesson and each of them were charged ¥498. We receive ¥17,928 and the profit is ¥10,800.

Our first minimum viable product and customers: manage a experiment of genetic modified