In order to reach our goal , which is to introduce our project and amplify the impact, our team came out with some activities.

The efforts we made including having joined a meet-up with few universities, building up an official account, creating a questionnaire. There is a TED speech, which is provided by our members as well. If you visit our wiki, you will find a special video about our team. In this summer holiday, we completely produced a music video by every single one of our members, we filmed it, we recomposed the lines , and we gave it a name called Hey Plants, which was based on the famous song from the Beatles.

Please find more details below.


This summer holiday, our team has participated in a Meet-up with another iGEM team , SCAU-China from South China Agriculture University, on July the 15th. In this seminar, we aimed at several brief goals and did receive a promising result.


Having a small discussion about our project, we learned more about our process from the basic theories to the future usage of our potential products. Through communication, we found out that there are still a few things that could be improved about our project, such as ways of experiment and methods of teamwork.


We visited their laboratories, where they were doing the experiments about their project at that time. The members of SCAU-China introduced us about some common equipment and some basic operations about molecular and synthetic biology.


Team members of that university recommended some common software for data modeling to us , and then they gave us an accurate instruction of the software. In addition to this, the wiki group of their team and the one of our team had a simple meeting seeking better way of designing an impressive wiki. We shared our idea with each other and got the inspiration to improve our existing plan.


During the discussion, both of the two teams came up with some great ideas on human practice, such as activities on the Associations Opening day and building up an official account on WeChat.

Team members of SCAU-China suggested us to make a short funny video to explain our project or to introduce our team.

Associations Opening Day

We applied for a booth at Associations Opening Day, which is held by Guangdong Experimental high school and available to visitors all over Guangzhou, to enrich high school students' knowledge about iGEM and synthetic biology.

Through our posters and leaflets designed and manufactured before Associations Opening Day, people could be introduced to our project. A great many students are filled with curiosity and interests about our project after reading them.

A wide range of special activities are offered by us during the Associations Opening Day, including being introduced about our team, using optical microscopes, and asking questions that would be responded to as well as answered immediately. For introduction of our team, we produced posters of two kinds. One was descriptions about iGEM, synthetic biology and our project, the other was mainly constituted by some photos showing our presentation and experiment. Two of our teammates were standing close to the posters to explain the details and answer the questions.

Optical microscope is one of the most common apparatus in biology experiments. We borrowed some mountings from Sun Yat-Sen University ,and took advantage of optical microscopes from Guangdong Experimental high school.

Moreover, we prepare some simple questions about biology. If students was able to answer two of them correctly, they can get a postcard designed by our teammates.

Through the Associations Opening Day, we enable students to have some standard concepts about iGEM and a bit primary knowledge about synthetic biology. Last but no least, we acquaint them with our project and our potential contributions.

Some legal questions

According to insiders in specific fields, there are explicit safety management laws about agricultural genetically modified organisms. Forestry somehow lacks of specific regulations because of special reasons, such as the growing cycle of woods. However, forestry problems may refer to agricultural regulations.

1.May our project refer to some legal questions?

It can be referring to genetically modified organisms safety multi-system management. There are specific safety management laws such as regulations on Administration of Agricultural Genetically Modified Organisms Safety, Measures for the administration of Agricultural Genetically Modified Organisms Safety, Agricultural Genetically Modified Organisms Safety evaluation management approach, Implementation Regulations on the Safety of Import of Agricultural Genetically Modified Organisms, Measures for the management of Agricultural Genetically Modified Organisms processing, etc.

2.Would the application of these anti-highlight plants steps into legal area?

Applications, mostly generalization, particularly for merchant manufactory, merchant usage and releasing in environment, may refer to several specific law about variety certification, such as relevant regulation in Agricultural Genetically Modified Organisms Safety evaluation management approach, Measures for the examination and approval of major crop varieties which was enacted by Department of Agriculture, and Measures for the examination and approval of forest varieties which was enacted by Department of Forestry and so on.

3.What certification should this kind of plants get before applying in actual manufacture?

Experiments, detection, and even variety judgement, are required to attain relevant certifications after passing regulation process.

Each region has its own regulation. Main forest species passing city level judgment are given certifications respectively by city Forest Variety Approval Committee, and are announced by city Forest Variety Approval Committee.

The species ,which should be certified but have not passed the judgment , should be affirmed by Forest Variety Approval Committee if needed for production. Forest Variety Approval Committee should specify using time limit and appropriate area. If generalizing outside the appropriate area which certificated by the announcement of variety certification, the plants are viewed.