Official Account

On the most popular social app in China, called wechat, we built an official account to spread and diffuse the information about us all over the nation about iGEM, about synthetic biology and so on.

This is our official account’s 2-dimensional bar code. More details and information about us, our project and synthetic biology are available here. Scan the code below and be a part of iGEM!


We use our official account to improve our public influence, and make people increasingly interested about us and our project. Some brilliant biological articles are released in here sometimes as well. The progress of this account has been a great help in spreading our project and diffusing more information about synthetic biology.

By following us on our official account, we achieve our goal and enable more people to know about our project, iGEM and synthetic biology.


We design a questionnaire and sent it to different quarters to complete our social research.

This questionnaire acquired answers to how much people know about synthetic biology and their perspective of some hot heated discussion in the field of synthetic biology. For instance, one of our questions is about transgenic technology, which is a problem that is highly controversial among Chinese people. Therefore, we ask the respondents how they understand this technology. Moreover, we intend to learn more about people's interests. By doing this questionnaire, we use the data of our result to improve our TEDxGDSYZX speech as well as other human practice projects in order to have more high-quality activities.

And the following is our result:(view to the Analysis of questionnaire results)

After collecting and analyzing the data, we realized that

We hope our project can help others understand iGEM, learn more about synthetic biology and eliminate some misunderstandings on transgenic technology.