The Gemini Library of Parts

Welcome to the BostonU Parts Pages. We have brief descriptions of our parts here, but if you would like more detailed information on the parts associated with Gemini we recommend you visit the corresponding parts pages on the iGEM BioBrick Registry.

We submitted several parts from the Gemini Library to the iGEM Registry, including two of our gRNA expression vectors as basic parts for the Bronze Medal requirement. These vectors contain expression elements for gRNA 3 (g3) and gRNA 8 (g8) respectively. BBa_K1875011 expresses g3, a gRNA that directly recognizes the 20-nt target sequence 5’-AATGAACCTATTCGTACCGT-3’. This sequence can be found in part BBa_K1875004. BBa_K1875012 expresses g8, a gRNA that directly recognizes the 20-nt target sequence 5’-GTTGCGCGTCCGTATCAAGG-3’. This sequence can be found in part BBa_K1875006.

In addition to the Bronze Medal parts, we submitted a selection of our gRNA operator reporters as composite parts forSilver Medal consideration. We chose to submit the four single operator reporters that were used in our genetic circuits: BBa_K1875013, BBa_K1875014, BBa_K1875015, BBa_K1875016. We also submitted our strongest double and triple mulitmerizered operators, BBa_K1875017 and BBa_K1875018, respectively. Finally, we submitted our weakest mutated operator reporter, BBa_K1875019. All of these operators sit upstream of a minimal CMV promoter and regulate expression of GFP.

Because our parts for the Silver Medal requirement are considered “composite parts”, we needed to create a collection of basic parts pages on the BioBrick Registry. These parts include the minimal CMV promoter, a Kozak sequence, a Rabbit Beta Globin Poly A terminator, a green fluorescent protein (GFP), and the individual target sequences for our gRNA expression vectors and operator reporters. These parts have the ID numbers BBa_K1875000 through BBa_K1875010. These parts were not physically submitted as samples to the iGEM Registry; however, their sequences and additional information can be found on their respective Registry pages.