Team:Emory iGEM 2016


We've come a long way and it's time to give credit where it's due.

Establishing Our Team And Providing General Support

Emory Biotech, as both a club and an iGEM team, was pioneered by Rohita, Jasmine, and Josh. Without their perseverance and interest, we would not have the pleasure of being here today. Dr. Matsumura helped us brainstorm ideas, develop an experimental design and protocol for our project, and generously provided us with his lab space and guidance with challenging lab techniques. Maruf helped us satisfy all iGEM deadlines and requirements, and also helped mediate a collaboration between Emory Biotech and GSU's iGEM Team.

Fundraising Support And Advice

Sujith garnered the support of Emory's biology and chemistry departments to help found our research and travel for the iGEM competition.

Lab Support & Instruction

Cyrillus,Jasmine, and Sujith were hard at work gathering the data for our project. Cyrillus created two clones and Jasmine created one clone. This was all done with the guidance and supervision of Dr. Matsumura.

Human Practices and Outreach Support

Mone and Kathy interviewed several professors throughout the Emory community to explore the bioethics surrounding our research. We would like to thank the following individuals for contributing to our discussion: Professor Nicole Morris from the Emory School of Law. Professor Arri Eisen who is a professor in Interdisciplinary Studies, the Center for Ethics, and Pedagogy in the Biology department. Professor Michael Crutcher who is a professor of Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology Department. Professor Tracy Scott who is a professor in the Sociology Department.

Wiki and Graphic Design Support

The wiki was designed, supervised, and maintained by Talia.

This project was endorsed by:

Pat Marsteller, Associate Dean, Professor of Practice, Emory University "This amazing project has the potential to transform education and outreach in synthetic biology! Our students who have participated advanced in research skills and developed new attitudes toward learning, advancing biological studies and public education. Dr. Matsumura is a leader in this area and has also led previous IGEM teams,teaching students the value of teamwork, integrity and collaboration. I wholeheartedly endorse this project."

Stefan Lutz, Professor & Chair of Chemistry Department, Emory University " I am really excited for this project. Great idea that promises to have a real impact on the field."

David Lynn, HHMI Professor, Emory University "A beautiful project engaging a wide range of talented and passionate young scholars. Great science, powerful team, and inclusive training for our next generation of scientists."